5/10 … So seven university students travels to a summerhouse for some vacation. When they arrive in the small village we ofcourse get the generic wierd, dirty service store clerk, and I feel I’m already losing interest. But okey, lets continue, maybe we get some good effects and some nudity. But no, not even that. More or less just red colored water and apperent CGI sharks. So some nudity then? Not that either, just a quick side boob. A pretty good jump attack by a shark though.

5/10 … I’m a sucker for when animals attack horror, but this one didn’t really hit the right spots.

I have always wondered if the people making these movies are trying to make them scary … and fail or if they just want to make something campy. I mean here we even have a score that sound like it’s been taken from “Jaws”.

The storyline about an evil company dumping toxic wayste takes up a little bit too much of the screen time. It’s not why we came to watch the movie. We came for the crocodile, and the crocodile itself looks pretty good, but they should have shown it for shorter periods since it’s side movements isn’t the best. Also the eyes is a hard fail.