6/10 … UK movie distributor of mainly 1980’s cult movies. In the beginning it was mainly horror, but they expanded out to having more Martial Art and Action movies, and have given several of Jackie Chan movies the deluxe treatment. I love this label when it comes to their editions, great transfers, nice packaging and good prices…

1/10 … Fuck Off Wish, with your $0,5 fake prices that after we order, you always cancel. Strangely enough, you never cancel the ones ordered for ordinary prices. This is all you just skimming the customers. On top of that, them you have the fucking audacity to make me as the customer put in time to tell you how to refund my money. Every online company in the world just credits the card it was payed with, but you are probably hoping for people to not bother with such a small amount.


9/10 … Polish webstore with a focus on rock, hard rock and heavy metal. The website is in Polish, but in the top right corner you can make it English friendly by switching language.

I mainly turn to them when I want bootleg vinyls from 1980’s Heavy Metal bands, but they seem to have a lot of obscure 1970’s rock and prog.

Quick registered shipping from them with good shipping prices. But it seems the Polish postal service is not the fastest in the world. So shipping here to Sweden (almost neighbour countries) it takes about 10 days to receive the package from placing the order.

I have ordered two times and I will definitely return for more. Hopefully I can visit the store as well one day.

After I got several requests about where people could find my designes I decided to launch a store with the established quality merchandise company Speadshirt. This has just opened up and there will be much more coming in the future! Apart from all Non Serviam releated designs you will also find Movie and Music related […]