Proud boys and other extreme far-right groups all seem to have in common the same thing. Small-penis-syndrom, or my-uncle-diddled-me-in-the-butt-when-I-was-a-kid, so now I’m acting out. No one over the age of 11 acts like this, or can possible have such a low IQ. Never the less, even though they are inbreed, probably for generations, they are dangerous and should not be ignored, and I’m guessing Antifa will not do that….

Ok, I should clarify that we are talking about the far-right USA, the citizens that with a 99% certainty live in bumfuck USA, somewhere in the middle or southern parts of the country. We are not talking about the bigger cities like New York, Los Angeles or Washington, where we have a high degree of people who went to college and can think for themselves and have various degrees of compassion for their fellow man….