8/10 … “Lo squartatore di New York” or better known as ”New York Ripper” was one out of 3 horror movies that was the first ones that I ever saw. We sneaked home, to a friend’s house during lunch break in school and his big sister had these. The other ones were Friday the 13th Part III, and one more that I’m still looking for. I can only remember one scene in it where a man pushed down someones head into the car engine or fan belt (and no it’s not ”Madman”)

I just love the mean spirit of this one, raw and brutal kills and with sleazy New York 42nd street/TimeSquare as it’s backdrop. The only things that prevent me from giving this a full score is the killers f**kin duck voice and that I think the ”horny woman” has a little bit too much focus on her and lengthy scenes, although refreshing to see a female going after her sexual urges and fantasies. I also just love the Detective Williams character, he’s smoking in the autopsy room and is having a relationship with a prostitute. Don’t think that would get by with todays correctness.

As some of you know, Lucio Fulci is my absolute favourite director, and New York Ripper I would put on 3rd place among his movies, only topped by his ”The Beyond” and 1979’s ”Zombie”.

10/10 … I get right to it, Lucio Fulci’s ”The Beyond” is my ultimate horror movie, the ”If I could only bring one horror movie to a deserted island” one. I love every second of it. It has the awesome white eyed Emily (Cinzia Monreale), an amazing looking house and it’s weird, creepy, dirty, beautiful and have awesome practical effects (Fulci seems to have a thing for eyeballs). I also love Fulci’s ”City of the Living Dead”, ”House by the Cemetery” and ”New York Ripper” from this era, but ”The Beyond” is even greater than these masterpieces.