9/10 … In 1968, Sly & The Family Stone appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show performing the exuberant but little-known album track “Love City.” The following year, they returned to the show for what proved to be a legendary performance, playing an excerpt from their #1 hit “Everyday People” before launching into the iconic “Dance To The Music.” In both episodes, the home viewer was presented with a high energy performance by a band fully engaged with both the audience and themselves. On Sullivan, the band was facing each other just as often as they were facing the cameras. At the center of the action was Sly Stone who, when not playing the organ, was breaking into explosive dance routines on stage, and at one point running into the audience with his bandmate and sister Rose. Clearly this was a band determined to not only win over their audience, but truly own them from beginning until end.

This is one of these event in history I could cut off my right hand arm to have been at. Ozzy and Judas Priest are 10/10, I liked Mötley Crue’s first two albums before they got to much ”hair metal”. Their set here is also good 8/10, although Vince Neils singing here doesn’t really sound perfect. Quiet Riot, Triumph and Van Halen are not really for me so I haven’t even watched these. Scorpions had very energetic live shows during the 80’s, but unfortunatly there doesn’t seem to have surfaced any source of their show from this day.

9/10 … This could be called the bands real debut, since they where extremely disappointed with 1974’s “Rocka Rolla”, both the mixing, cover art and marketing of the album. They and most fans count this as the real debut album.

More or less all tracks are gold, with opening track “Victims of Change” as the crown jewel. “Dreamer Deciver” feels very different than later live versions, not in a bad way, just different. “Tyrant” is another of the top tracks, it gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it. I think it’s only “Epitaph” I could do without. A milestone that is a must in every metalfans collection.

10/10 … If Aliens would land here and ask me to show them one record of each music style we have here on planet earth … this would definitly be the one I’ll show them when presenting Heavy Metal. Judas Priest 1982-84 (Screaming/Defenders) era is the pinnacle of Heavy Metal for me. Both the music, the clothing style, the live performances and sound. This is Heavy Metal …