Ofcourse we have a right to worry right now. When it could be our next door neighbour that have been infected with corona, but I can’t help getting pissed off by all of this. It just bothers me that now people wake up because they think death is around the corner and we see on […]

I take it for granted that those people yelling ”Socialism” at everything left of hunting homeless people for sport don’t have the capacity or can concentrate for an article this long, but now that you’re on lockdown, try. Sweden, a country that is the definition of Socialist democracy. If you weren’t so scared of helping […]

So the Corona virus … If people could try to think for themselves for once, instead of going on what all the “war headlines” in media says. Let’s look at some facts. To this date (3-8-2020) we have 63830 closed cases. 60230 (94%) has fully recovered, 3600 (6%) are deceased. If we then look at […]