9/10 … In 1968, Sly & The Family Stone appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show performing the exuberant but little-known album track “Love City.” The following year, they returned to the show for what proved to be a legendary performance, playing an excerpt from their #1 hit “Everyday People” before launching into the iconic “Dance To The Music.” In both episodes, the home viewer was presented with a high energy performance by a band fully engaged with both the audience and themselves. On Sullivan, the band was facing each other just as often as they were facing the cameras. At the center of the action was Sly Stone who, when not playing the organ, was breaking into explosive dance routines on stage, and at one point running into the audience with his bandmate and sister Rose. Clearly this was a band determined to not only win over their audience, but truly own them from beginning until end.

STEELE is a remarkable name in the history of Heavy Metal from San Francisco. They were one of the most cherished bands by the local scene at the time, delivering pure U.S. Metal, as it was done in the early 80s. Without big budgets to support them, they managed to immortalize much of the feeling experienced in those crazy years of Heavy Metal.