I want to highlight a prison work song, and I chose one of my favourite “Rosie”. It was recorded in 1947, but released on vinyl for the first time in 1958. All credits to those men from Mississippi State Penitentiary’s Parchman work camp who were recorded singing this song. Thanks also to Alan Lomax for collecting this song, as he have done with his many field recording. I can really hear the blood, sweat and pain from these men, and a not such a far fetched hunch is that several of them where innocent.

8/10 … I really don’t know what to say about this that haven’t been said before. I love this movie, but then I’m a sucker for “bad” movies that wasn’t meant to be bad … or comedic. A movie where the director thought he made something great, but fails miserably.

So what’s not to like? Tombstones made out of cardboard, A Swedish wrestler who can’t act, Boom mikes showing, Toy UFO’s and much, much more goodies throghout the movie….

I’m a bad person, because the deaths of these five men strikes me as rather hilarious. It’s the epitome of “fuck around and find out.” What they found out was that a tribe living in isolation in the Ecuadoran rainforest had earned its reputation for violence, and they weren’t interested in converting to Christianity. Eat […]