Podcasts & Vlogs Reviews

Here is all reviewed podcasts and vlogs, sorted by topic. I usually listen to at least 3-4 episodes before giving a review. Usually 30 minutes podcasts are not my thing. I prefer longer pods where they dig deep into a topic.


Aaron Pyne


Checked out this Vlog channel after I listened to one of my favourite podcasts ”Just the discs” where Aaron was a guest I really liked. His enthusiam is awesome, but f**k it’s enoying with him chatting with people. He stops in the middle when he talks to comment on someones question on twitter. Are all episodes like this? Then I’m already out. But again, love his passion. Reviewed only after 1 episode.



Awesome podcast where Mike Wood, Chris Mann and sometimes a guest guide us through the exploitation films and grindhouse cinema of the 1970’s, 1980’s and even early 1990’s, movie by movie. Read full review here!

Hysteria Continues


Awesome horror podcasts that focus on slasher movies. Read full review here!

Just the Discs


Brian Saur is the host of this one. And in every episode he goes through a stack of new blu-ray releases. Either by himself or with a guest. High class and always entertaining.

Killer POV


Now defunct podcast, that turned into Shock Waves, you can read a full review of Shock Waves here!

Pure Cinema


This is for me the ultimate movie podcast. Two awesome hosts, Elric Kane (of the Shock Waves podcast) and Brian Saur (of the Rupert Pupkin Speaks film blog) talks about movies of different genres. A must!

Retro Movie Love


Meep is the host of this podcast, and he is a very nice and warm host with a passion for 1980’s movies. Read full review here!

Shock Waves


Proberly the biggest horror podcast out there. With some awesome hosts, and some not so awesome. Read full review here!


Astonishing Legends


Very professional podcasts that digs deep into all kinds of mysteries. Great hosts, and great digging deep into topics. Sometimes a topic can go over several episodes and be around 6 hours. On the minus side is that they can be a little repetitive, and I get why, but it’s annoying with the host reading ”ccommercials”. Maybe that’s an American thing, but for a European it kind of take away the credibility if someone does that.

Bigfoot Show


Now defunct podcast about, Bigfoot, blending it with a big portion of comedy. Not in a way that they make fun of the topic itself, but with all the crazies running amok in this field. All three hosts are ”believers” In Sasquatch.

Gralien Report


Very professional podcast about the mysterious of the universe with a focus on UFO. One of the few podcast with only one host (Micah Hanks), although he is good I often notice that I zone out and stop listening … not a good sign!

Hysteria 51


A podcast that takes a comedic touch on various conspiracy/mystery topics, Not comedic as in making fun of them, listen for yourself. Both hosts are great, and also their sidekick conspiracybot :-). Well researched and very entertaining.

Monster X Radio


Cryptozoology podcast. If Astonishing Legends podcast is extremely professional, this is the exact opposite. Rambling hosts, an audio quality that makes walkie-talkies from the 1970’s sounds amazing. And since I found their topics interesting, I have suffered through about 20 episodes. Their slogan is ”Bigfoot without the B.S” which is great, and if it wasn’t for that part I would rate it even lower. Jeez, buy some new microphones and please takes some lessons in basic broadcast talking skills.

Mysterious Universe


High class podcast from Australia about just what the name is, the mysterious universe. For my taste maybe a little too much ”out there” topics such as remote viewing and religious scrptures, but really great hosts and flow in the show.

Open Minds


Great pod for those seriously interested in the UFO phenomena, for what it is, Unidentified Flying Objects, and not directly go to the little grey man explanation. Alejandro Rojas is a really good host.



Swedish podcast, that translates to “The Ghost Hour”. Very popular here for some reason. It’s extremely basic, more or less anything they say about a topic you can get from Google in 2 minutes, so no depth in their research whatsoever.