Music Reviews

Here I list everything music related that I have been reviewed. Records, books, concert films, podcasts and so on. Please notice that when I dig deeper into a singel track, you don’t find them on this side, but HERE!


Ghostface Killah ”Ghostface Killas” (2019)


Good and short album, the opening track ”Me Denny & Daryl” with Method Man is amazing. ”Burner to Burner” and ”Conditioning” are other stand out tracks.

GZA “Liquid Swords” [LP] 1995


This album was the first one I heard from the mighty Wu-Tang universe and I fell in love immediatly. Read full review here!

Wu-Tang Clan “Wu-Tang Forever” [LP] 1997


Awesome second album from these masters. Stand out tracks “Reunited”, “Triumph”, “Impossible” “For Heavens Sake” and “Cash Still Rules …”


Generation X ”Generation X” (1978)


This type of Punk ”light” or New Wave is usually not my bag. I think it’s okey, but not much more. I’m missing rage and dirt. Stand out tracks ”Kiss me Deadly”, ”Promises Promises” and ”Too Personal”. Billy Idol went on to bigger fame after the band broke up.

Gordon, Kim “Girl in a Band” [BOOK]


Part of the groundbreaking and influential band Sonic Youth. Her memoirs, but more focus on her personal life. Read full review here!

Malaria “Emotion” [LP] 1982


No-Wave/Neue Deutche Welle band released this groundbreaker in 1981 Read full review here!

Meat Puppets “Meat Puppets II” [LP] 1984


The Meat Puppets could be classified as punk rock, but like most of the bands on SST records, they had their own unique style, mixing punk with country and psychedelic rock, and the result is awesome! Read full review here!

Stereolab ‎”Refried Ectoplasm [Switched On Volume 2]” [LP] 1995


Amazing compilation of 7″ and b-sides. Three of my all-time Stereolab favourites are on here, “French Disko” “Exploding Head Movie” and “Lo Boob Oscillator”

Stereolab ”Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements” [LP] 1993


So if we take a proper studio album by Stereolab, then this one right here is my all time favourite. The band’s second studio album. I love each and every one of these tracks. Read full review here!


Black Flag “Nervous Breakdown” [7″] 1979


You can’t underestimate the importance that this 7″ have had on the Hardcore scene. Read full review here!

Dead Kennedys “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” (1980)


The band much celebrated debut album. Like it a lot, but never loved it so to speak. But “California Uber Alles”, “Kill The Poor”, “Your Emotions” are awesome. “Chemical Warfare” is also a great one. It’s importants for the hardcore movement is indisputable