Facebook Groups

So you can join and participate in discussions in one of my Facebook groups. Today I have two, but I’m thinking of getting others up and running.

NonServiamBlog Official Group
Join up and discuss whatever you feel like within the “sphere”. You find it here!

Black Sabbath Record/Bootleg Collectors
Everything when it comes to collecting records and memoribilia from the band Black Sabbath. It have been up and running for about two years, with 1200+ members. You find it here!

Music & Movie Books (Discussion/Promotion Group)
My idea was to create a forum for everything related to music and movie books, here you can ask about everything on the topic to the other members, promote your own project, buy/sell, put up a review of something you just read, recomend a store and so on. This one is just started so not many members yet, but we will change that. You find it here!