The Christian church then selected December 25 because the day of the delivery of Jesus as a method in its enlargement process, wherein it systematically sought to absorb and merge its celebrations with the pagan rites of the numerous transformed peoples.
The Christmas ritual become evolving with the centuries, what we have a good time today may be very distant from those first Christmas, and responds especially to customs originating inside the nineteenth century and to the impact of the consumer society.

I love maps! When I was a kid I could spend hours infront of various maps, dreaming of where I would travel as an adult. Here we have maps of a different kind, and they are just as interesting.Countries Not Using the Metric System How many countries do not use the metric system other than […]

The pictures of a nude Melania Trump are often used as a tool on discussion forums to put her or him down. I don’t get that at all. Stop taking every chance to oppress women. The last thing I am is a republican, I despise that orange menace roaming the corridors of the white house. […]

I’m extremely facinated by conspiracies, I usually don’t believe in them but it’s interesting in kind of a mystery solving way. And as in all bigger events/tragedies in the US we get at least one. According to some claims, the man in the video instigated the riots and lootings, wearing by a black face mask […]

A collection of some of my favourite social and political memes. As I have stated several times before, just because I’m making fun of Trump doesn’t mean I’m left, it means I’m anti establishment and simply just a decent human being. GALLERY #3 GALLERY #2 GALLERY #1

Ofcourse we have a right to worry right now. When it could be our next door neighbour that have been infected with corona, but I can’t help getting pissed off by all of this. It just bothers me that now people wake up because they think death is around the corner and we see on […]

So the Corona virus … If people could try to think for themselves for once, instead of going on what all the “war headlines” in media says. Let’s look at some facts. To this date (3-8-2020) we have 63830 closed cases. 60230 (94%) has fully recovered, 3600 (6%) are deceased. If we then look at […]