Here you find various things about religion. I’m interested in the occult and really dislike organized religion and think ist’ the root to most evils and should be extinguished? Read more about my opinion about this topic under “about”.

Religious countries are so fantastic, you’ll get other people telling you how to live your life and with who, shame you for any sexual urges you have before marriage, throw you into prison if you claim that the invisible sky daddy might not exist and oh, force you to marry your rapist.

50 years ago, Italy was rocked by one woman’s courageous efforts to challenge the country’s treatment of rape victims — the lessons of which are sadly still relevant…

I’m a bad person, because the deaths of these five men strikes me as rather hilarious. It’s the epitome of “fuck around and find out.” What they found out was that a tribe living in isolation in the Ecuadoran rainforest had earned its reputation for violence, and they weren’t interested in converting to Christianity. Eat […]