Manhattan Research Inc.’ is a posthumous compilation from inventor and early electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott. It contains over just over two hours’-worth of space-age pop jingles and library-flavoured electronic music. It’s a perfect release both for those wanting to explore the history of synth music and for listeners who are just after some playful, retro-futurist […]

Here you find a collection of all downloads that’s also included in various blog entries. If some link doesn’t work, please report it to Right click and chose ”save as …” to download the link or just press the dropbox logos to read them online. MUSIC Judas Priest ”Heavy Metal Painkiller” (Book) by Martin […]

So I decided to write down my thoughts on stuff, mainly just to get them out of my head as some kind of diary. Maybe someone will get something out of it. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. As far back as I can remember I have been “suffering” from a “lighter” version of manic depression, […]

After I got several requests about where people could find my designes I decided to launch a store with the established quality merchandise company Speadshirt. This has just opened up and there will be much more coming in the future! Apart from all Non Serviam releated designs you will also find Movie and Music related […]