Mysteries and the unexplained are another interest of mine. It can be anything from strange disappearances of people, cryptozoology, conspiracies and so on. But since I’m one of the “question everything” people, I don’t believe in every claim everyone have of a phenomena and think 99,9% of these things are maybe not hoaxes but the misinterpretation of other things, since I’m also fascinated with how the human brain can play a part in these experiences.

Never forget how they all helped kill the only black woman at this sleep over!!! “On November 4th 2018, 40 year old Tamla Horsford attended an adult sleepover with 7 white women who were supposedly her friends. The “all women” sleepover was eventually crashed by 3 white men. At 7:30 am the next morning, Tamla’s […]

I’m extremely facinated by conspiracies, I usually don’t believe in them but it’s interesting in kind of a mystery solving way. And as in all bigger events/tragedies in the US we get at least one. According to some claims, the man in the video instigated the riots and lootings, wearing by a black face mask […]

7/10 … I listen to this through Audible and it was narrated by Nick Landrum who did a really excellent job. I will definitly look into what else he have read. With that said I bought this hoping to hear some new campfire stories about people’s “meetings” with what’s popular refered to as bigfoot (personally I prefer the word Sasquatch). There are some shorter tales of encounters, but it’s mainly a historical facts and if you have any interest in the topic you all ready know these things. What sold me, was when he presented the “phenomena” of the hairy man from outside the US …..

Built by the Latvia immigrant Ed Leedskalnin, the Coral Castle (Got that name after his death) is a modern day mystery. Here we have giant coral stones, moved and shaped by a small tiny man in some way to make this awesome structures. He had a chaotic living in Latvia where he was a true […]