8/10 … Mr. Gaye had one of the most amazing voices in the history of soul music, but unfortunately with a tormented soul, that we can properly put on his fucked up father. A father that couldn’t give his son praise for his accomplishments, a cross-dressing pastor that gave his son shit for not making ”gods” music 😡, and ultimately killed him the day before Marvin would turn 45. May he rot in his christian hell forever and ever.

9/10 … I just love this album, both for nostalgic reasons and that it has simple, yet amazing rock and roll tracks with just that touch of dirty rawness I love. ”Hard Luck Woman” I could do without, it feels like a poor attempt to make something for the radio and top charts and a hope to repeat the success with previous albums ”Beth”. But the other nine tracks are all classics.

8/10 … I guess this goes under the Dark Ambient banner, but to be Dark Ambient is about the end times, occultism or just plain darkness. So in my world this goes under Icy Ambient … meaning you get totally other feelings and images in your head. To me this takes me to a small cabin in the winter landscape of northern Europe, Canada or Alaska. Trapped inside with a snowstorm raising hell outdoors.

9/10 … The opening tracks “Beatnik Boy” and “My Best Friend” are just amazing pop songs, and after that the party just keeps going. You will have a big smile all over your face and it’s hard to sit still. This should be the template of how soft pop should be made. Fantastic stuff, with stand-out tracks like “Beatnik Boy”, “My Best Friend”, “Don’t Go Away” and “Testcard Girl”.

7/10 … I don’t know if it was a Swedish only phenomena, but during the 1980’s there could break out fights between ”Synthare” (People into Electronic music such as Depeche Mode & Kraftwerk) and ”Hårdrockare” (Metal kids), and these fueds are still here today but more of a verbal thing than actual fistfights. For the moment, there’s a really funny one going on by two journalists here, my favourite Swedish entertainment journalist, Fredrik Strage from a national newspapers and one guy from a more of a local newspaper.

The now classic documentary Centered around the Sex Pistols 1978 tour of the United States which ended with the group breaking up, the tour was the only one the Pistols played in the United States. Director Lech Kowalski followed the band with handheld cameras through the clubs and bars of their U.S. tour. Mixing this with footage of other contemporary bands, trends in the fashion capitals and punks of alle shapes and colors, Kowalski captured a grainy, stained snapshot of the punk movement at its peak With live performances by the Sex Pistols, The Dead Boys, Generation X (with Billy Idol), The Rich Kids, the X-Ray Spex, and Sham 69.

10/10 … Ramones came from Forest Hills – a neighborhood of Queens, New York City is one of these bands that gets a pass in my maybe narrow view of what I want Punk/Hardcore to be. I like the bands to be political, a voice of trying to change things in society. An uncomfortable closed fist in the faces of those making laws and in position of power. Ramones are more of a yes, we’re misfits, but we’re going to have a fuckin great time being that.

I’m not a big love song person, that’s why I have a hard time with for example, early The Beatles and other ”She loves me yeah, yeah” songs or a lot of slow paced ”love me” soul from the 1960’s. It doesn’t give me anything, but that can have to do with how we define love and what’s sleazy and what genuine. I also have a hard time to express why I like the love songs that I like. Maybe because I think early love is more pain than pleasure? Maybe I don’t really like love? I have often wished for myself that I wouldn’t love so I could have gone on and done other things in my life, but maybe I would have then missed out … who knows? Maybe that’s a task for some psychology major somewhere. But when I get the question of what I would choose when it comes to this category, I always think of this one and Depeche Mode ”It’s No Good” first and then I have to think about other titles.

9/10 … Stand out tracks are the amazing fuzzy “Lord of Light”, the astounding, mind-warping sound of “Down Through The Night”. “Brainstorm” in its dirtyness and directness, and when the furious “Master of the Universe” comes on, my mind gets blown every time. I even like “Orgone Accumulator”, that has a boogie-rock part that I usually hate, but here I buy it for some reason. Probably because it’s drenched in spaced out rock 🙂

This is a mesmerizing psy-fi grooves masterpiece!