I confess, I am a complete sucker for music and musicians with a fuck off attitude that also have a meaning behind it and what can be more fuck off than living in a totalitarian country and refuse to obey and do it “their way, even if it mean that they send you to a mental asylum or make you disappear. What could be more punk? Гражданская Оборона or Grazhdanskaya Oborona was formed in the Siberian city of Omsk by bandleader Yegor Letov.with the slogan “I will always be against”….

This song is a feel good song for me, it never fails to make me happy. The drumming in this is simply amazing, and I remember the first time I heard this I immediately had to check out the drumming band Olodum first album “Egito Madagáscar”, and that’s a recommend if you like this kind of drum music. “The Obvious Child” is a song recorded by the American singer-songwriter Paul Simon. It was the lead single from his eighth studio album, The Rhythm of the Saints (1990), released by Warner Bros. Records. Written by Simon, its lyrics explore mortality and aging. The song is accompanied by a performance from Brazilian drumming collective Olodum in a live recording…

9/10 … Polish webstore with a focus on rock, hard rock and heavy metal. The website is in Polish, but in the top right corner you can make it English friendly by switching language.

I mainly turn to them when I want bootleg vinyls from 1980’s Heavy Metal bands, but they seem to have a lot of obscure 1970’s rock and prog.

Quick registered shipping from them with good shipping prices. But it seems the Polish postal service is not the fastest in the world. So shipping here to Sweden (almost neighbour countries) it takes about 10 days to receive the package from placing the order.

I have ordered two times and I will definitely return for more. Hopefully I can visit the store as well one day.

9/10 … This is a real coffee table book, 436 pages and a wooping 31x25cm. I sat down with a cup of cooffe and started at the begining. I was imiditlly sucked into this amazing universe and 6 hours later I was still at it. Writting down for me new titles to discover and listening to them on Spotify to see if I wanted to hunt down the vinyl. Another aspect I love about this kind of books is that I feel less crazy for spending so much time and so much money on music. There’s a whole lot of other people out there that are the same.