I find early careers of bands that later became big and filled arenas and stadiums very exciting. It’s fascinating to discover how amateurish they were or surprisingly professional even from the start. I would call it Music Archeology, where all of a sudden new details appear or rather been dug up by passionate fans to […]

9/10 … I just love this album, both for nostalgic reasons and that it has simple, yet amazing rock and roll tracks with just that touch of dirty rawness I love. ”Hard Luck Woman” I could do without, it feels like a poor attempt to make something for the radio and top charts and a hope to repeat the success with previous albums ”Beth”. But the other nine tracks are all classics.

Eric ”The Fox” Carr, Kiss, born in Brooklyn, New York on the 12th of July 1950, was my favourite drummer when I grew up. His hard hitting style amazed me and made me want to buy a drumkit. Unfortunatly for me my parents didn’t agee. To this day the 1982 ”Creatures of the Night” album […]