5/10 … Self released full-length debut from this Swedish band, and it opens up nothing short of amazing with “Fallen Angels” directly after the really cool intro, and I’m pumped, thinking that this will be an awesome ride. But the next track is a slow thing, “The Beast inside of Me” which is really good, but I can’t stop thinking that it’s an anti-climax to put something slow/mid-tempo directly after that explosive start. Well, we will probably then get back on track with the next one, “One by One”. Nope, we go even slower!!! Holy f**k, am I disappointed now. I wanted more of the starter, the track that made me throw myself out on the internet to check if this had a vinyl release. But the record screams back at me … forget that, now we will go into Power Metal ala Helloween mode (a genre that’s not for me at all) and stay there for the rest of the record…..

10/10 … Every once in a while a new band shows up that makes me believe there’s still life in traditional heavy metal, a band that deliveres music that makes me get that euphoric feeling along my backspin, playing air drums (yes, for me it’s drums, not guitar) and thinking there’s still hope and I don’t just have to listen to my 1980’s metal records when it comes to traditional metal. Usually for me, most releases nowadays have too much of a sterile/clinical sound for my taste, like it’s been made in a labratory by men in white coats. So even if the songs are good, the feeling is not there. I want some dirt, and I want some rawness….

9/10 … Part of the N.W.O.S.H.M movement that rised up from the underground in Sweden in the late 2000’s with band such as Enforcer, Trial, Air Raid, Screamer and many more. Ced (Cederick Forsberg) has like a million bands where I think he have had the biggest success with Blazon Stone, a true Running Wild worship band. This is the debut from 2011, and this is more of a Manowar worshiping band. If a song title like “Metal The Posers To Death” doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will. It’s simply awesome from start to end…

STEELE is a remarkable name in the history of Heavy Metal from San Francisco. They were one of the most cherished bands by the local scene at the time, delivering pure U.S. Metal, as it was done in the early 80s. Without big budgets to support them, they managed to immortalize much of the feeling experienced in those crazy years of Heavy Metal.

3/10 … 1980’s Metal is my favourite music genre, the one I always come back to. I also like digging into the obscure, the rare releases. Bands that only made one 7” or made one track for a compilation album.

So with that said, it sadeness me to say that this is absolute garbage, apart from the last track with Behemoth that is really good, only Mercy, Paradize and Silver Mountain are okey, the rest is total crap, just a waste of vinyl. There are so much other good obscure Swedish bands so it beats me why the chose these ones.

9/10 (Package 10/10) … What can I say about this classic that hasn’t already be said? This is the classic of the classics, Motörheads “Ace of Spades”, an album your grandmother probably heard of. Now it’s 40 years since its release. I love this album, especially the title track, “Ace of Spades” “Shoot You in the Back”, “(We Are) The Road Crew” and “The Hammer”. The only song I could have done without is “Fast and Loose”.

7/10 … Other reviewers have complained about the lack of gossip about other bandmembers, personally I couldn’t care less since the artists private life more or less has never interest me but the music and recordings in itselfs. My complaint is all the pilot and fencing stories that I have 0% interest in, but I get why it’s in here since it’s a big part of his life.