9/10 … This is a real coffee table book, 436 pages and a wooping 31x25cm. I sat down with a cup of cooffe and started at the begining. I was imiditlly sucked into this amazing universe and 6 hours later I was still at it. Writting down for me new titles to discover and listening to them on Spotify to see if I wanted to hunt down the vinyl. Another aspect I love about this kind of books is that I feel less crazy for spending so much time and so much money on music. There’s a whole lot of other people out there that are the same.

9/10 … The opening tracks “Beatnik Boy” and “My Best Friend” are just amazing pop songs, and after that the party just keeps going. You will have a big smile all over your face and it’s hard to sit still. This should be the template of how soft pop should be made. Fantastic stuff, with stand-out tracks like “Beatnik Boy”, “My Best Friend”, “Don’t Go Away” and “Testcard Girl”.

Nina Gordon and Louise Post could be the coolest persons of any band in the 1990’s to front a band. Ok, maybe not cooler than Courtney Love (Hole), but they are up there with Liam Gallagher (Oasis) and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth). There’s just something about these two that feels free, totally free with that ”I don’t give a f*’k” attitude that I’m a sucker for. No intention of playing any games, just natural cool. Just look at the Glastonbury YouTube video down below and you might get what I mean.

10/10 … lI ove each and every one of these tracks, but if I would have a gun to my head, then I choose the opening tracks beautiful dreamy tones,”Tone burst”. The monotone fuzz of ”Our Trenton blast”, the calm summer day beautiful feel of “Pak yr romantic mind”, the amazing Spacemen 3ish “Golden Ball” and of course the grinding monotone “Jenny Ondioline”. Okay, that makes five tracks, but WTF, I’m only human!