8/10 … Much like the fact that the DJ/Hip Hop scene sky rocketed after all looting during the big black out in New York 1977, where poor people suddenly found themselves with good DJ equipment we have here another story of a cargo ship getting lost and then it’s music equipment suddenly appeared on a small island, and the result … awesome music!

Hear I collect my favorite reissue labels when it comes to so-called Exotica music. This page is a work in progress and I will ad to it when something new is discovered. If you have any label you want to bring to my attention, send me an e-mail to nonserviamblog@outlook.com Analog Africa Analog Africa is […]

7/10 … After being blown away by a few tunes – probably just as you will be after listening to this – Samy Ben Redjeb travelled to the infamous capital city of Somalia in November of 2016, making Analog Africa the first music label to set foot in Mogadishu. On his arrival in Somalia Samy questioned the need for a vehicle full of armed chaperones casually toting Kalashnikovs, deemed necessary to accompany him to the radio station archive every morning…

Havazelet’s story is both fascinating and mysterious. She was born in Aden, Yemen, in 1936 as Havazelet Damari, she immigrated to Israel when she was 8 years old and grew up in the disadvantaged Ezra neighborhood, in south Tel Aviv. Havazelet discovered her love for singing when she was a teen, when she would sing at feasts and family events. At one of these events she was discovered by an impresario who decided to take her under his wing. He asked her to change her family name from Damari to Ron, as there was already a young singer called Shoshana Damari in Israel, who was becoming quite popular.