I have no idea why Netflix makes it so hard to browse the different genres on their site. I started to look into it when it wanted to find movies from smaller countries in South America or the Middle-East but couldn’t in any easy way. Netflix will only recommend specific movies and genres if you’ve […]

7/10 … Question … Did filmmakers in the 1980’s think that in the future nothing would have happened to fashion and hairstyles? 😂 This lovely b-action movie has that Mad Max or Post Apocalyptic feel. All gang members look like they been taken from a random gay musical on broadways back streets. The main lead Cody’s sibling Angel is impossible to judge if it’s a boy or a girl. Besides the gender confused teenagers this is an entertaining movie and we get the regular b-action movie trops like never ending magazines and a lot of action scenes. Another question, why do this automatic weapon equiped gangbangers even go to school? 😂