2/10 … If any of these people where real actors when filming this then I’m Batman. Holy crap are they bad! I don’t think it’s possible to have more stiff dialogues. Next up, the blood. Okey, it’s not just this movie, why was it so hard to get a blood-red color that actually looks something like real blood? But as I said, it’s not just in this movie, but also in masterpieces by Argento and so on….

9/10 … Conspiracy/cover-up movies is probably my absolute favorite genre, especially if it’s based on a true story. I think these are the most important movies of them all, movies that shows the real face of men in power. The willingness to sacrifice human lives for not losing “face” or to enrich themselves. Although, my questions always stands after these exposures…

I love 1970 and 1980’s movie posters and artwork, especially the 80’s. And for some reason especially movie posters and covers from Asia. I always think their versions are the coolest. When I talk about movie posters I think it’s more or less always Horror and Action movies that stand out…

8/10 … I really don’t know what to say about this that haven’t been said before. I love this movie, but then I’m a sucker for “bad” movies that wasn’t meant to be bad … or comedic. A movie where the director thought he made something great, but fails miserably.

So what’s not to like? Tombstones made out of cardboard, A Swedish wrestler who can’t act, Boom mikes showing, Toy UFO’s and much, much more goodies throghout the movie….

8/10 … I just loooooove this movie, it’s awesome, but don’t get me wrong it’s trash … wonderful, fantastic trash. I have probably seen this about 20 times and now the last time on a remastered blu-ray edition. I think this movie works better on a VHS. It kind of needs that gritty feeling.

It’s made by Umberto Lenzi, one of my favorite Italian director. The man behind legendary movies such as Cannibal Ferox, Nightmare Beach and Roma a mano armata.

6/10 … This is some fun European sleaze from France, released back in 1987 and have more or less been cut everywhere it’s been released. This was a first time watch for me, and all I could think about in the first half was, that of course USA cut it, people are nude and that’s more than a uber christian country can take. The nudity is just that nudity, and some simulated software scenes. But towards the second half when we get some dick biting and sword in vagina scenes that I get was way too much in 1987, and would be too much today for most people to stomach.

Someone who doesn’t appreciate European sleaze, incoherent plots and people who try to make a movie but fail completely would probably give this movie a 2/10 or something, but since I love these things, I rate this higher. I would go even higher if it had more craziness and less pointless dialogue through out the movie.

7/10 … The director’s chair is divided between several directors, but most prominent is M. Night Shyamalan. He seems to be one of those directors that gets to take a lot of shit, and I have no idea why. He made several awesome movies like The Sixth Sense (1999), Signs (2002), The Village (2004) and The Visit (2005) and here he strikes again, directing 3 episodes. Personally, I like his work and will continue to follow it….

6/10 … It kind of feels like it had that “The horror show of the year” talk before its release, and I really wanted to like it. But it landed in the “it was ok” piles. Victoria Pedretti is awesome as always, as the au pair. I just love her acting. Just her facial expressions reacting to various situations is amazing. Also Amelie Bea Smith as the little girl did a great job. But the show in itself, although it had some creepy atmosphere going on, it doesn’t really go anywhere for what feels like ages. A week after I watched it, I got a question what it was about, and I had already forgot. So no lasting impression. A one time watch for me!

10/10 … This is one of those perfect movies, you know the ones that you wouldn’t change a second, the ones that you put on to have in the background but after 2 minutes you sit there glowed to the screen.

The movie is an fantastic mix of action, adventure, comedy, drama and romance. The story is uniquely told in flashback as Jamal must reveal how he knew the Who wants to be a millionaire show’s answers. For instance, he knew who was on a U.S. hundred-dollar bill from when he was stealing from tourists and posing as a phony tour guide. The story of Jamal, his brother and Latika is so engaging that even the police chief questioning him wants to know what happens next in the story…..

5/10 … So seven university students travels to a summerhouse for some vacation. When they arrive in the small village we ofcourse get the generic wierd, dirty service store clerk, and I feel I’m already losing interest. But okey, lets continue, maybe we get some good effects and some nudity. But no, not even that. More or less just red colored water and apperent CGI sharks. So some nudity then? Not that either, just a quick side boob. A pretty good jump attack by a shark though.

5/10 … Nah, this is nothing more than ok for me, but we have to keep in mind that it was David Cronenberg’s first feature film. For me it kind of feels like this was the practise round before “Rabid”, which kind of have a similar concept (rabid people, instead of sex crazed people), and I prefer “Rabid” big time.

The Slugs I think is nothing to complain about in a low budget movie from 1975 (that I heard others complain about), I have seen much worse CGI creepy crawlies from the last couple of years in other movies. Some casual nudity, but nothing “in your face” if that’s something you don’t like.