7/10 … A real slow burn of a drama TV show, with nice slow character build up. Akili McDowell in the main lead as David is really good. But although I really enjoy the show and will watch the next episode, I can’t shake the feeling that something is missing, some extra dimension to the whole storyline…

8,5/10 … The show ties together several families and peoples destinies, and I like to follow them all. One of my favorite actor, Brandons (Jason Mitchell) adventure into the food business, the adolecent friends Kevin (Alex R. Hibbert), ‘Papa’ (Shamon Brown Jr.) and Jake (Michael Epps). The traumatized war veteran Ronnie (Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, or the obsessed-by-sneakers highly potent Emmett (Jacob Latimore) … the list goes on. It takes a smaller dive in the 3rd season when one of the main characters disappers from the show, but it kind of picks up when the main crime story through the hole season is introduced to the show…

8/10 … I don’t know what I should think about these fucking low-life idiots. They feels like the definition of uneducated white trash, but in nicer living areas than trailers. The stupidity of these morons knows no bounderies. At the same time, I get why you want to take revenge on a bully. I gives an extra grade of “goodness” that it’s based on a true story.

There’s a lot of actors I really like, but for some reason Philip Seymour Hoffman stod out from the others to me. I think it was his troubled countenance, a kind of sorrow and pain that hanged over him that spoke to me, that set him apart from others and made me kind of identify with him. Maybe this sounds presumptuous, since I didn’t know him, so of course I didn’t know how he felt. That’s why I think the interview further down this page about happiness is really great and interesting…

9/10 … This is what a feel-good-movie should be for me, but for someone else this might just be sad. I love the interacting between the main characters. The extreme warmth of Joe (Bobby Cannavale), the sad heart broken, low-key, yet very kind Olivia (Patricia Clarkson). The bitter on life, Fin (Peter Dinklage from Games of Thrones fame) who just wants to be left alone. The little girl, Cleo (Raven Goodwin) is also extremely charming. I love to be part of their journey from their first meetings to how they become true friends.

Conspiracy = The act of two or more persons, called conspirators, working secretly to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations. I’m guessing that most people laughing about conspiracies, don’t really know what it mean in a dictionary sense. Most of these people think it’s all about these weirdos claiming that the reptile aliens run the world and […]

Public Enemy featuring Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane released the song ”Burn Hollywood Burn” in 1990, calling Hollywood out on its racism. Always letting Black men and women play stereotypical roles.

Many intelligent Black men seemed
To look uncivilized when on the screen
Like, I guess I figure you to play some jigaboo
On the plantation, what else can a nigga do
And Black women in this profession
As for playing a lawyer, out of the question

10/10 … This is one of those perfect movies, you know the ones that you wouldn’t change a second, the ones that you put on to have in the background but after 2 minutes you sit there glowed to the screen.

The movie is an fantastic mix of action, adventure, comedy, drama and romance. The story is uniquely told in flashback as Jamal must reveal how he knew the Who wants to be a millionaire show’s answers. For instance, he knew who was on a U.S. hundred-dollar bill from when he was stealing from tourists and posing as a phony tour guide. The story of Jamal, his brother and Latika is so engaging that even the police chief questioning him wants to know what happens next in the story…..

I have no idea why Netflix makes it so hard to browse the different genres on their site. I started to look into it when it wanted to find movies from smaller countries in South America or the Middle-East but couldn’t in any easy way. Netflix will only recommend specific movies and genres if you’ve […]

9/10 … Jeez, what the FUCK is wrong with these people … 5 minutes in and I’m so angry I want to punch one of these hateful religious weirdos. Why can’t people just let others be happy? Even if you don’t understand something or understand how you can get attracted to someone with the same sex, just let it be. It doesn’t hurt anyone. Oh, and for the record, I’m extremely straight. But it makes me furious that people can’t alllow others to be happy. What does all this hate comes from? Because you’re so miserable in your own life, you can only sort to hate? The same mechanisms as racism? How many thousands upon thousands of youths have these ”loving christians” pushed into drug abuse or suicide. As Cameron said in the movie ”How is programming people to hate themselves not emotional abuse?”, why aren’t these organizations being sued and held responsible?

9/10 … This period in New York history has always been on top of my ”if I could time travel” list so I was very eager to dive into this. After 2-3 episodes I called it the best TV show ever, as the show went along I calmed down a bit but still really loved it. I could go so far as to say it’s the best show ever on HBO together with The Wire (Yes, I´m looking at you Game of Thrones). We get to follow the ups and downs of the characters, and it can be pretty emotional. When some of the customers treat the women bad I get so furious I just want to jump into the screen and punch people.