I have no idea why Netflix makes it so hard to browse the different genres on their site. I started to look into it when it wanted to find movies from smaller countries in South America or the Middle-East but couldn’t in any easy way. Netflix will only recommend specific movies and genres if you’ve […]

9/10 … Jeez, what the FUCK is wrong with these people … 5 minutes in and I’m so angry I want to punch one of these hateful religious weirdos. Why can’t people just let others be happy? Even if you don’t understand something or understand how you can get attracted to someone with the same sex, just let it be. It doesn’t hurt anyone. Oh, and for the record, I’m extremely straight. But it makes me furious that people can’t alllow others to be happy. What does all this hate comes from? Because you’re so miserable in your own life, you can only sort to hate? The same mechanisms as racism? How many thousands upon thousands of youths have these ”loving christians” pushed into drug abuse or suicide. As Cameron said in the movie ”How is programming people to hate themselves not emotional abuse?”, why aren’t these organizations being sued and held responsible?

9/10 … This period in New York history has always been on top of my ”if I could time travel” list so I was very eager to dive into this. After 2-3 episodes I called it the best TV show ever, as the show went along I calmed down a bit but still really loved it. I could go so far as to say it’s the best show ever on HBO together with The Wire (Yes, I´m looking at you Game of Thrones). We get to follow the ups and downs of the characters, and it can be pretty emotional. When some of the customers treat the women bad I get so furious I just want to jump into the screen and punch people.

6/10 … Meep is the host of this podcast, and he is a very nice and warm host with a passion for 1980’s movies. And I really like people who’s not pretentious and can have a teen comedy on top of his best list and don’t feel the need to have something ”Oscars” there. When he’s joined by Jon Donahue it’s where it shines. Funny comments back and forth and both really passioned about movies. With that said, some episodes are unlistenable, like when he has his friend Jeffrey joining him. Try to listen to Episode 53: 1979 Movie Favourites, he has absolutly nothing to say and I couldn’t even finish the episode.

Here I collect every short review I made on Drama movies. To see another genre look at the index page.

I’m the type of persons who hates spoilers, I more or less never watch trailers and don’t want to know anything about the movie more than the basic plot. So in that vein is also my reviews. They are more of short things that maybe can wake someones interest and make them discover the movie themselves.