7/10 … Finally a sex comedy from the female perspective instead of the same old horny teen dudes trying to score. Really refreshing! For some reason there’s still this f**ked up mentality that girls are either the virgin or the whore. Hopefully more movies like this, the decline of religious influence in society and education can change that. This one is a no holds barred, it doesn’t shy away from anything. So apart from showing nudity there’s nothing missing. Several funny moments, but I was hoping for even more…

There’s a lot of actors I really like, but for some reason Philip Seymour Hoffman stod out from the others to me. I think it was his troubled countenance, a kind of sorrow and pain that hanged over him that spoke to me, that set him apart from others and made me kind of identify with him. Maybe this sounds presumptuous, since I didn’t know him, so of course I didn’t know how he felt. That’s why I think the interview further down this page about happiness is really great and interesting…

8/10 … I really don’t know what to say about this that haven’t been said before. I love this movie, but then I’m a sucker for “bad” movies that wasn’t meant to be bad … or comedic. A movie where the director thought he made something great, but fails miserably.

So what’s not to like? Tombstones made out of cardboard, A Swedish wrestler who can’t act, Boom mikes showing, Toy UFO’s and much, much more goodies throghout the movie….

9/10 … This is what a feel-good-movie should be for me, but for someone else this might just be sad. I love the interacting between the main characters. The extreme warmth of Joe (Bobby Cannavale), the sad heart broken, low-key, yet very kind Olivia (Patricia Clarkson). The bitter on life, Fin (Peter Dinklage from Games of Thrones fame) who just wants to be left alone. The little girl, Cleo (Raven Goodwin) is also extremely charming. I love to be part of their journey from their first meetings to how they become true friends.

I have no idea why Netflix makes it so hard to browse the different genres on their site. I started to look into it when it wanted to find movies from smaller countries in South America or the Middle-East but couldn’t in any easy way. Netflix will only recommend specific movies and genres if you’ve […]

I don’t know why but some artists death just hits me harder than others although I’m not that familiar with his older work, but Jerry Stillers passing on May 11th did. Maybe because I have proberly seen Seinfeld 10 times at least. He started his career in 1957, but I came to know his work […]

6/10 (Should have been 8/10) … I kind of love this movie, original, funny, but holy f**k was the lead women Betty Gilpin as Crystal, miscast. To me she completely destroyed the whole thing. Her body language, her way to deliver the lines all felt extremely constructed and absolutely 0% feel genuine or natural. Apparently she has 38 credits on iMdb, but I have only seen her in the smaller role in the TV show Nurse Jackie, and if I remember correctly, she did that just great, so I don’t think she’s a bad actress but sure as hell this was a miscast. So this could have been a 8-9/10 but since she has such a big part and killed it (not in the good sense) it goes down several steps. They should have gone with ….