Holy f**k, talk about not taking responsibility for the political decisions (or lack of) and spitting the victims families in their faces.

If this was the case, then here in Sweden we would probaly be out of students by now. We are the least religious country in the world, where 82% said religion was not important according to a poll. If we then look at the global peace index, Sweden is the 18th most peaceful country in the world, US has place 128! … I rest my case.

… and reason #473821 why I hate organized religion. Keep your beliefs in your invisible sky daddy in the privacy of your own home! Stop forcing other people to do so! If you choose to believe fairy tales written down by people that didn’t even know where the sun went during the night, then keep it to yourself! Read and watch the […]

9/10 … Two couples take off for Colorado in a recreational vehicle, looking forward to some skiing and dirt biking. While camping off track, they witness a Satanic ritual sacrifice, but the local sheriff finds no evidence to support their claims and urges them to continue on their vacation. On the way, however, they find themselves repeatedly attacked by cult members, and they take measures to defend themselves.

10/10 … lI ove each and every one of these tracks, but if I would have a gun to my head, then I choose the opening tracks beautiful dreamy tones,”Tone burst”. The monotone fuzz of ”Our Trenton blast”, the calm summer day beautiful feel of “Pak yr romantic mind”, the amazing Spacemen 3ish “Golden Ball” and of course the grinding monotone “Jenny Ondioline”. Okay, that makes five tracks, but WTF, I’m only human!

”Cold War” an amazing track, pure and raw project poetry with a haunting sample underneath. Just read the lyrics: ”Babies cryin’ brothers dyin’ and brothers getting knocked
Shit is deep on the block and you got me locked down
In this cold, cold worldIt was the night before New Year’s, and all through the fuckin’ projects
Not a handgun was silent, not even a Tec
Outside as I’m stuck, by enemies who put fear
And blasted on the spot before the pigs were dere
You know hoods robbers snipers new in sight, fuck blue and white
They escape before them flash the fuckin’ lights