Mossgiver “Led By The Glowing River” (Atmospheric Black Metal) [Music/Review]


Year: 2021
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Sij MusicArt
Album Versions: Discogs
Favourite track: Led By The Glowing River
Band Link Information: Metal Archives
Visit the band: Facebook

Atmospheric Black Metal, a subgenre of Black Metal with Wolves in the Throne Room as the undisputed kings. For the uninitiated the music style is usually built on melancholy and as it says, atmosphere.

Mossgiver is a one man band from Slovenia, where Tilen Šimon play all instruments and sings. This is the bands first record, but he have been part of the scene for about 10 years with his other band Veldes who have released several albums. Personally I’m not familiar with them, but according to Metal Archives he plays all the instruments there as well, so I’m not sure what made him release this under another band name.

The album consists of three tracks, Paths Anew, Led By The Glowing River and Embrace The Wrath Of Wind. With the title track as a personal favorite. But all three tracks are awesome. I haven’t seen any lyrics thou, so I can’t speak of that at all, but the atmosphere throughout is killer, and I’ll will surely have it in my headphones the coming winter. If I would have to complain on something it might be that in some parts the drum sound isn’t really what I personally like.

So far this has only been released digitally, but if it ever comes out on vinyl, I’ll be there to buy it.