Celtic Frost “A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh” (Doom Metal) [Music/Track]

Year: 2006
Genre: Doom Metal
From: The album “Monotheist

I love the whole comeback album “Monotheist” that Celtic Frost released in 2006. For me the album is a 10/10, pure brilliance. But if I had to choose one track this would be the one, “A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh”. I love the music, the lyrics and the video. Although I love 1980’s thrash metal, Celtic Frost was never a favorite band, so for me this is the best album they made.

The lyrics here is really up for interpretation of the listener. To me it’s about the death of religion and its gods in todays society. God, a thing that throughout history have been as obvious as running water or that the sun goes up every day.

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“A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh”

All is cold and frozen
Frozen the sea, frozen the sky
Frozen is death, but I cannot die
Cannot die
As the snow falls
To cover this all
And all is cold
And cold is all
All is cold and cold is all
Frozen is heaven and frozen is hell
And I am dying in this living human shell
I am a dying God, coming into human flesh
I am a dying God
Frozen my heart
Frozen my soul
Frozen my love
I am a dying God, coming into human flesh