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Year: 1997
Genre: Hip Hop
Source: ProShot

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Legend has it that the majority of the Hultsfred Festival’s 21,000 paying visitors directly or indirectly had sex with a Wu-Tang Clan member in 1997. Slightly exaggerated, probably. But the Wu-Tang Clan had demanded 450 condoms from the organizers before their gig at the Festival 🙂

Short background: The hip hop clan’s second album “Wu-Tang forever”, topped the sales list in England, and was in a second place in Sweden. The whole clan (except Ghostface Killah) was there, although it was unclear the day before whether Ol ‘Dirty Bastard would come or not. He had disappeared without a trace from a hotel in Brussels. It was not unusual in itself that Ol ‘Dirty Bastard disappeared. A year earlier, he had jumped out of a hotel window in New York and gone up in smoke. Another time he had left the band in Paris.


There are some fantastic movie labels out there that hunt down the mastertapes for old 1970/80’s movies and restore them in world class quality for release on Blu-Ray. I so much wish there where something equally for music concerts. A label that hunt down the sources for concerts like this and cleaned them up both the audio and video.

This concert is so dope, with an audience (without mobilephones) that goes apeshit and Wu-Tang are in their absolute prime. It’s dirty, raw and truly amazing! Unfortunatly the transfer to YouTube is not the best. It was shown on a Swedish TV channel, ZTV in 1997.

YouTube User Comments

“Damn this shot looks real gritty grimy damn! All types of shit is going on in the audience”

“’97 Sweden look hype as fuck”

“Sweet memories. I was there, and according to some interview I read Wu-Tang stayed to watch Rage against the machine playing later that evening. They had Golden seats, standing on the roof of their tour bus next to the stage. Yeah, Hultsfred was a piece of gold. Good old memories. God damn!

“Sooooooooo goooooooood!”

“This is a crowd im talking about, So hype and jump around”

“Forget Hendrix at Woodstock, Queen at Wembley etc. This is as good if not better than any gig. What a performance”


0:00 – C.R.E.A.M
1:39 – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
3:19 – Release Yo Delf
7:01 – 4th Chamber
9:47 – Incarcerated Scarfaces
12:29 – Wu Gambinos
15:03 – Duel Of The Iron Mic
18:04 – How High
18:37 – Bring The Pain
21:44 – Ice Cream
25:47 – Brooklyn Zoo

Hultsfred Festival History

Hultsfredsfestivalen or The Hultsfred Festival in English was a music festival originally located in Hultsfreds folkpark in the southern parts of Sweden. The festival is a cross-genre festival including several music genres with multiple stages where the music is performed in parallel. Pop and rock music have always been the main focus, but also included extreme variants of Heavy Metal, Dance Music and Hip Hop. During the 1990s and in the mid-2000s, it was Sweden’s largest music festival.


The first festival in Hultsfred arranged by the association Rockparty and took place on 14 August 1982, according to the association it had about 1000 visitors this day. The mixed range with both punk and new-wave influenced bands.

In 1984, the festival event was extended to two days (August 11-12) under the name “Peace Festival”. This year, about 25 acts were collected with mainly Swedish artists. At this event, a demonstration and torchlight procession for peace were also held. This year, the event attracted about 3,000 visitors

Also in 1985, 10-11 August, a peace festival was again arranged by the association. The program contained about 30 acts – there was theater, dance performances, rock’n roll, blues, jazz and exhibitions. This year, it was estimated that about 2500 visitors came per day.


The Hultsfred Festival in a more pure music festival format was first arranged in 1986 (8-9 August). Since then, it has been held annually until 2016, with the exception of 2010. By 2005, it had grown to 31,800 visitors.

The 1986 program included some 25 acts, including The Triffids, Nils Lofgren, Erasure, Reperbahn and Blue For Two. This first “real” rock festival attracted almost 7000 visitors.

For the first ten years, the festival was held the second weekend in August, first as a two-day festival but from 1993 for three days. The festival took place in 1996–2008 from Thursday to Saturday the weekend before midsummer in June. In 2009, the festival was moved to the second weekend in July and became a four-day festival that lasted from Wednesday to Saturday. The festival was organized by the association Rockparty.

Festival visitors taking a bath in the nearby lake

Bankruptcy and New Start

The Hultsfred Festival 2010, “Hultsfred X”, would have been the 25th in a row. But on June 29, 2010, the organizers announced that they had canceled the 2010 festival, and that Hultsfredsfestivalen INC, the company that Hultsfred municipality and Rockparty started before the festival in 2010, would file for bankruptcy. The reason was too little revenue from ticket sales. Two weeks before the festival, just over 5,000 tickets had been sold.

The festival was sold, and on February 2, 2011 it was announced that the festival would re-emerge in the summer of 2011. The new organizer was FKP Scorpio, which arranged the festival in Hultsfred in 2011 and 2012.

In 2013, the festival was split. FKP Scorpio, organizer since 2011, announced on March 20 that they are moving their festival, Hultsfred goes Stockholm, to Sigtuna municipality north of Stockholm. In connection with this, the work of having an association-run festival in Hultsfred was restarted, which was named This is Hultsfred. The first edition was arranged in June 2013 over two days, sold 1,600 tickets and became the first Hultsfred Festival since 2008 to make a profit. New editions of the festival in Hultsfred were held 30-31 May 2014, 14-14 August 2015 and 19-20 August 2016. On 14 February 2017, the association behind This is Hultsfred announced that there was no festival in 2017 due to financial losses as done at the event in 2015 and 2016.