Louvin Brothers “Satan Is Real” (Gospel/Humorous) [Music/Track]

Year: 1959
Genre: Gospel/Humorous Music/Bluegrass
From: The album “Satan is Real

I came across this album in a second hand store and couldn’t resist the extremely evil devil on the front cover … a good thing that the Louvin Brothers stood in front of it and protected us 😂

I had no idea if this was serious or a joke, but after listening to the album and reading about the brothers, they apparently where serious. Of course today it’s a joke to most people outside the southern states in the US, but this was made in 1959 so maybe some indulgence are in place.

If I read the synopsis to the biography of the brothers, it seems that there where some hypocrisy going on as with most (all) christians. Not much of practice what you preach going on there.

The beautiful and tragic saga of the Louvin Brothers – one of the most legendary country duos of all time – is one of America’s great untold stories. Charlie Louvin was a good, god-fearing, churchgoing singer, but his brother Ira had the devil in him and was known for smashing his mandolin to splinters onstage, cussing out Elvis Presley, and trying to strangle his third wife with a telephone cord. “Satan is Real” is the incredible tale of Charlie Louvin’s sixty-five-year career, the timeless murder ballads of the Louvin Brothers, and the epic tale of two brothers bound together by love, hate, alcohol, blood, and music.

Satan Is Real – The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers
by Charlie Louvin
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“Satan is Real”

Satan is real, working in spirit
You can see him and hear him in this world every day
Satan is real, working with power
He can tempt you and lead you astray

I attended service at a little church
In the country not long ago
A prayer was led by an old country preacher
Who then raised his hands as everyone stood and sang
“My God is real”
A warm breeze through the open windows
Brought in the smell of new mown hay in a nearby field
And the singing of birds could be heard
In the moment of silence
As the preacher opened the bible to read
And then a little old man stood up, bent with age
His hair thin and white
And said, “Preacher, tell them that satan is real too”
You can hear him in songs that give praise to idols
And sinful things of this world
You can see him in the destruction of homes torn apart
I know that satan is real
For once I had a happy home
I was loved and respected by my family
I was looked upon as a leader in my community
And then Satan came into my life
I grew selfish and un-neighborly
My friends turned against me
And finally, my home was broken apart
My children took their paths into a world of sin
Yes preacher, it’s sweet to know that God is real
And know that in Him all things are possible
And we know that Heaven is a real place
Where joy shall never end
But sinner friend, if you’re here today
Satan is real too
And hell is a real place
A place of everlasting punishment