Iron Maiden “Senjutsu” (Heavy Metal) [Music/Review]


Year: 2021
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Parlaphone
Album Versions: Discogs
Favourite track: Days of Future Past

The burden of blood, the breaketh of bone
The battlefield now I make it my own
The glory of the morning we make
Praying the rose is still awake

“Death of the Celts”

Six years and 5000 live albums later (or at least two) since their last studio album, the longest gap we have had to wait for a studio album from the metal legends. In my opinion, Iron Maiden is one of the few Metal bands (together with Judas Priest, Motörhead, Candlemass, Sodom and Saxon) from the 1980’s that still releases high quality records.

Senjutsu (Japanese: 戦術 is loosely translated as “tactics and strategy”. This is their first studio album since Powerslave (1984) to have no songwriting contributions from guitarist Dave Murray in any way, as well as the first since Virtual XI (1998) to feature multiple songs written by bassist Steve Harris alone.

If we take a closer look at this album then, opening track and album title “Senjutsu” I have to say is probably the least good one on the album. Otherwise it’s the same Maiden we have heard since Bruce comeback, a more mid-tempo epic band, and the following “Strategy”, The Writing on the Wall” and “Lost In a Lost World” doesn’t disappoint, then we have “Days of the Future past”, my absolute favorite track of the album. Closer “Hell on Earth” is another one that almost qualified for that spot. All in all, this is a bunch of great epic-Maiden tracks. “Senjutsu” and “Darkest Hour” are the only ones that doesn’t really deliver for me

The cover art is fine, but I would have prefered the picture you see down below the video.

You think that you have all the answers for all
In your arrogant way only one way to fall
Burning a lamp that is fire in your hands
Taking you further from these lands
“Hell on Earth”