Hidden (TV/Crime/Drama) [TV/Review]


Season 1: 7/10
Season 2: 6/10

Year: 2018-
Genre: Crime/Drama
Original Country/Title: Wales/Craith
Source: Streaming (Swedish Local Streaming Service TV4Play)


It tells the story of Detective Sargeant Cadi John, played by Requiem and Emmerdale star Siân Reese-Williams, who returns to North Wales to care for her ailing father.


A Crime/Drama from Wales, with the emphasis on drama. I got to watch this after it was recommended to me by imdb since I liked the Canadian show Cardinal. But to make it clear immediately, it’s nothing like Cardinal. Anyway, I started to watch this and noticed I had already done that before. That time I came one and half episode in, then I quit. I found it to bleak and depressing, but don’t get me wrong, those traits are things I have no problems with. But this was more of a “white-trash-with-zero-ambitions-living-in-garbage-apartments-drinking-beer-all-day” depressing. But since it had about 7,5 on imdb and was recommended, I thought I would give it fair chance this time.

As I said early on, this is very heavy on the drama part, but for some reason I just don’t find that interesting in here, when it comes to the main characters personal life. The drama part behind the perpetrators on the other hand is much more interesting, but here in lies a problem. I have a hard time with that they show the guilty one/ones from the start. It takes away any surprise moment and all mystery behind the crimes. So to watch this as a tense crime show doesn’t work at all. But to watch it as a drama, then we’re on to something. Especially for the first season, with the mother and her f**ked up son. Season two is also kind of interesting when it comes to the bad guys “drama”, and I wished they showed even more of that. More of their family background and why they ended where they ended. Instead it feels like they give one of the young perpetrators about two hours of screen time on the show, moping around in silence.


Hidden (Welsh: Craith) is a Welsh television drama serial, created by Mark Andrew and Ed Talfan. It was initially broadcast in Welsh on the Welsh-language channel S4C under its Welsh name Craith. The bilingual version of the series, under the English name Hidden, was broadcast on BBC One Wales and BBC Four. Two series have aired, in 2018 and 2019, with a third one due to be broadcast in 2021.

It has recieved som critics by those who can speak the Welsh language. According to an article in Daily Post:

The BBC One crime drama Hidden set in North Wales has some left viewers “jarred” by the South Walian accents which are “not true to the area”. The eight part series that was initially aired on S4C in Welsh under the name Craith is BBC Wales’ biggest new drama since Keeping Faith. 

Despite being shot in various places around Anglesey and Gwynedd , some viewers say that the characters who are meant to hail from North Wales of lacking authenticity. Commenting on a trailer clip of the show posted on Facebook by BBC One Wales, Sian Jones wrote: “Stopped watching in Welsh as the appallingly wrong accents were annoying me too much.

“Imagine anyone casting actors for an English drama set in Yorkshire and casting characters who have always lived in Yorkshire with actors speaking in cockney, Devon and Birmingham accents.

“The production wasn’t even attempting to be realistic or true to the area.

“Not the actors fault but it ruined it for me.”

Ms Jones who says accents should be “consistent with the characters’ biographies” added: “It rarely happens in Corrie, and there’s always an explanation of why the person has ended up there, ditto for Gogs in Pobol y Cwm.

“Gillian Elisa, in Craith for example was meant to be playing an old woman from Gwynedd. Her accent jarred so much it prevented the suspension of disbelief.

“Not her fault, but if you are serious about using a sense of place, then be more like Poldark or anything by Sally Wainwright, and at least try and keep accents consistent with the characters’ biographies.”

Writing on the Daily Post’s Facebook page, Sally Roberts, who had the same opinion, said: “This is good but such a shame there’s so many south Wales accents when it’s set in the north.”

Matthew William Winson who also agreed, said: “Would also have been great (as it was set in Bangor) to have them speak North Welsh and not southern.”


I watched this on a Swedish streaming site, TV4Play.

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