The Woods (TV/Crime/Thriller) [TV/Review]


Year: 2020 (Miniseries)
Genre: Crime/Thriller/Drama
Original Country/Title: Poland/W głębi lasu
Source: Streaming (Netflix)


The Woods (Polish: W głębi lasu) is a Polish mystery thriller television miniseries, based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Harlan Coben.

The story unfolds in two different time periods: August 1994 and September 2019. In 2019, Warsaw prosecutor Paweł Kopiński (Grzegorz Damiecki) is called upon to identify the body of a murder victim who was found with newspaper clippings about him. The murder seems to be linked to the August 1994 summer camp where Paweł was a chaperone, during which two people were murdered and two others—including his sister Kamila—went missing without a trace.



This is right up my alley … dark, mysterious, moments that gives you goosebumps. It’s kind of slow but were you get to know the characters on a deeper level. The charismatic Grzegorz Damiecki (as Paweł) is simply amazing. Also the young versions of the kids made a really good job, Laura (Wiktoria Filus) and Pawel (Hubert Milkowski) and where very convincing in their affection for each other.

It’s kind of hard to review this one without getting into spoiler territory, so just watch it … it’s an order!

I’m not that familiar with Poland and it’s society apart from them still being a very catholic country, that still has blasphemy laws. But some things made me react. At one point they where in an apartment asking questions to some parents, and my thought was “what a dump”, but when the characters got out, they said “they must have received a lot of money with a apartment like that”. But as I said, maybe that’s good Polish standard. Another example is when they show the part from when they were young, and that’s supposed to be in 1994, the main girls dress looked like something you wore in the 1940-50’s. It was only 4-5 years after the eastern block had fallen, but it made me wonder again about their standard.

Anyway, this miniseries made me want to search for more polish cinema and I will look into it.


In August 2018, Netflix signed a five-year contract to adapt fourteen crime novels by Harlan Coben. In December 2019, ATM Grupa announced that it had wrapped up filming of the series and that it would be released on Netflix in 2020. The Woods is the second Polish-language series made for the streaming platform and the fourth Netflix production created by Coben, following The FiveSafe, and The Stranger.


I watched this streaming on Netflix

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