Absentia (TV/Crime/Drama) [TV/Review]


Season 1: 6
Season 2: 6
Season 3: 8

Year: 2017-2020
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Source: Streaming (Amazon Prime)


The series tells the story of FBI special agent Emily Byrne who disappears without a trace while hunting one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers, and she is declared dead in absentia. Six years later, she is found in a cabin in the woods, barely alive and with no memory of the years that she was missing. She returns home to learn that her husband has remarried and her son is being raised by the new wife, and she soon finds herself implicated in a new series of murders.


Season 1: The premise of the show sounded great, an FBI detective that disappeared when hunting a serial killer suddenly comes back after 6 years, I mean what’s not to like? As some of you might know, I’m not a fan of crime/thriller shows were they solve one case in 45 minutes. This not the case here, but it often plays out the same way. For example, one character is supposed to break in to a mental hospital, and gets told how hard it’s gonna be, 2 minutes later she as succeeded. Usually I would have given up by now, but there’s something “unknown” about the main characters background that I find intriguing, so I kept watching.

Season 2: Since I was not the biggest fan of the first season I really don’t know why I continued with season 2. I guess it was late at night and I didn’t have any other ideas for that moment. The season started out really, really good with an apparent crazy person (I’m a sucker for them) releasing gas into an office. But pretty early on it switches focus and goes back to this “solving things a bit to fast for being belivable”.

Season 3: Now it kind of getting good, the storyline felt more exciting than the previous seasons and some mysterious storylines are really interesting to follow. I wish the previous seasons wouldn’t have been so “solving everything in 2 minutes” and more like this one.

So, the show is over and all in all, it was ok. But I want watch it again.


Absentia is (was) an American thrillerdrama television series that premiered on September 25, 2017, on AXN. Directed by Oded Ruskin, the series stars Stana KaticMatthew Le Nevez and Patrick Heusinger. On June 19, 2018, the series was renewed for a second season. The second season premiered on March 26, 2019, on AXN, and premiered in the United States on June 14, 2019. On July 2, 2019, the series was renewed for a third season, which premiered on July 17, 2020. On May 7, 2021, it was announced that the series had concluded with its previously released third season.

The series filmed all ten episodes at once which is very uncommon for TV. The accomplishment of this feat was attributed to the director, Oded Ruskin, as he was able to track all the story lines at once.

This was Stana Katic’s first leading role since the end of Castle (2009). She filmed Sister Cities(2016) and The Rendezvous (2016) while it was still on the air, and her part in Lost in Florence (2017) is a supporting role, not the lead.

While Absentia may be set in Boston in the US, the filming locations used in the series couldn’t be further from the that. Absentia has filmed in the Bulgarian capital since the beginning and cast members have regularly shared behind-the-scenes pictures from the city while production has been taking place. The makers picked Bulgaria because of its visually stunning locations and temperate-continental climate that complements the theme of the show.


I watched this streaming on Amazon Prime, so not much to talk about there when it comes to video and audio.

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