Exotica Label Collection [Labels]

Hear I collect my favorite reissue labels when it comes to so-called Exotica music. This page is a work in progress and I will ad to it when something new is discovered. If you have any label you want to bring to my attention, send me an e-mail to nonserviamblog@outlook.com

Analog Africa

Analog Africa is a label based in Frankfurt, Germany, owned by Samy Ben Redjeb, releasing compilations with African and South American music mainly of the 70s and 80s. 

Awesome Tapes From Africa

Brian Shimkovitz was on a Fulbright scholarship in Ghana when he got hooked on the cassette culture of the region. Street vendors hawked West African recordings in myriad genres, from highlife to African disco, old left-field soul to curious local pop. Shimkovitz started a blog, Awesome Tapes from Africa, and a record label to share his passion for this music, much of which is unheard outside of West Africa.

This is music you won’t easily find anywhere else—except, perhaps in its region of origin. The albums they sale, they have licensed in collaboration with the artists who get 50% of any profits; the tapes posted on their website are free downloads for which I do not have the rights.

Read more in depth about the label here!

Far Out Recordings

British independent record label based in London, set-up and run in 1994 by Brazilian music enthusiast Joe Davis. 

It specializes in releasing quality Brazilian music from both new and established Brazilian artists such as Joyce, Marcos Valle, Azymuth, Arthur Verocai, The Ipanemas, Sabrina Malheiros, Hermeto Pascoal, Amaro Freitas, as well as British, European and American artists such as Mark Pritchard, Nicola ConteDaniel Maunick, Jneiro Jarel, and Sean Khan. 

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers, a British record label, 40 years in the making, introducing fans of psychedelic/jazz/folk/funk/avant-garde and whacked-out movie musak to a lost world of undiscovered vinyl artifacts from the annals of alternative pop history.

Habibi Funk Records

Jannis Stürtz and Malte Kraus run the Berlin- and Cologne-based label Jakarta Records, which boasts an eclectic roster of hip-hop, jazz, bass; whatever they’re into that has a groove. While Jakarta remains home to new releases, it just gave birth to its first reissue sub-label, the excellently named Habibi Funk.

Mr Bongo

Record label founded in 1989 as a small record shop under the Daddy Kool Reggae Store on Berwick Street in London. Over the next few years, Mr. Bongo moved three times to Soho and opened in Shibuya, Japan. He moved his first office to Brighton in 1999, closed all shops in 2003 and opened a second shop in Brighton in 2016. Since 2004 he has also moved into the world of cinema. Mr Bongo has a publishing division that produces and licenses music for use by third parties. 

Pharaway Sounds

Spanish reissue label, specialized in Turkish and Iranian music of the 1960ties and 70ties. I have discovered a lot of amazing Turkish Anatolian psychadelia records through them. Titles such as Erkin Koray “Elektronik Türküler”, Erol Büyükburç “Hop Dedik” and my absolute favorite Selda “Selda”.


Influential jazz label from Milan, Italy (it: Schema; en: Scheme), focused on Brazilian, latin, latin-jazz, nu-jazz, and initially retro lounge. Both “now day” releases, and re-releases of old gems.

Soul Jazz Records

Probably the biggest of them all when it comes to “Exotic” music from around the globe. Their webshop is massive. Soul Jazz Records is a London based label run by Stuart Baker, which specializes in re-releasing music from around the world on compilations with high quality remastered sound. They also release a large amount of material on vinyl, including new recordings, oftentimes as 12″ singles. The printed record label name on these vinyl releases often varies greatly. For example, Soul And Jazz Musical Industries, ENT., Soul Jazz Records Co., Soul Jazz Record Corp., or sometimes the record label which originally released the recording is displayed.