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The audience vomited, cried and screamed when the Swedish black metal band Watain performed at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in New York City on June 15, 2014

The whole room exploded with blood

– Singer Erik Danielsson

The pig’s blood squirted over the audience when the Swedish black metal band Watain did 2014s only US gig at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in New York City on June 15, 2014. The concert has made headlines in the United States. First, the news was that the visitors got a shock when the singer Erik Danielsson picked out a goat’s head filled with old pig’s blood, which he then threw over the audience.

The singer later reveals with a smile on his face that it was even worse than that, fans had smuggled in more blood.

What happened is that we have a rather special collection of fans in New York. They had the brilliant idea to bring quite substantial amounts of blood to the concert, and then decided that they would be thrown out to the audience when we played the song “All that may bleed”, says Erik Danielsson.

A little blood at a Watain concert is not really something that should surprise the more refined fans – the band has been doing similar tricks since they started in the late 1990s. But the gig was in Brooklyn, so most of the audience were hipsters and had no idea what kind of gig they were at – or that they were on their way to war. They apparently took it pretty badly, he says laughing.

Several in the audience started vomiting, crying and screaming when the hemoglobin bomb exploded. Everyone was already in full “alert” before the concert due to the authorities who were on site to review their pyrotechnics, which famously have almost burned down several concert halls before. Instead the whole room exploded with blood.

What do you say about the concert?
– It was one of our best gigs in the US so far. But there was a rather hectic atmosphere in the room afterwards, says Erik.

For those new to the band, they take their Satanic belief seriously unlike 99% of all other bands in the Black Metal scene. Most bands just use Satan as an anti-christian thing and doesn’t put much more into it. For Watain it’s real, they don’t call it concerts, but rituals. They usually smear animal blood over themselves before going on stage, and are known for burying their stage clothes outdoors to get the right decay and then in the right mood when putting them on before going on stage. That they throw blood over the audience is nothing new either, but I’m guessing this time there was several hipsters in the crowd, and the news headlines the day after where big.

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0:53 De Profundis
5:20 Black Flames March
12:08 Malfeitor
19:51 Outlaw
24:40 Reaping Death
30:39 The Wild Hunt
37:52 All That May Bleed
43:00 Stellarvore
50:46 Holocaust Dawn

Some highlights during the show:
16:57 When Black Metal hits your inner being.
20:12 Erik throws blood on the audience.
54:37 A hipster thinks “it smells horrible” 😂