Hellier … Ever Had Goblins on Your Property? [Mysteries/Documentary]


Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary/Paranormal
Source: Streaming on their own YouTube channel here!


In 2012, Greg Newkirk received an email from a man calling himself David Christie, who claimed that he and his family were being terrorized by unearthly creatures by night. After exchanging emails, David disappeared. For the next five years, the case only got stranger, as more connections and mysterious emails came in. Then, in 2017, Greg and a team of researchers traveled to rural Kentucky, not knowing what they would uncover, or how deep they would discover the case might go.

​That was the premise of the five-part first season of Hellier, a paranormal documentary series and true labor of love from all those involved. The first season was put together on a shoestring budget with only the collection of prosumer DSLR cameras that the director, Karl Pfeiffer, and his friends could assemble.

​But Hellier didn’t stop there. Despite spending hundreds of hours in the editing bay and releasing season one to much acclaim in January of 2019, the team continued to research and explore, and the case only blossomed. After thousands of miles of driving, months of research and filming, Hellier returned just 10 months later, in November of 2019, with a second season run of ten full-length episodes. 


If you believe in things like this or just enjoy creepy stuff, then the premise should made you go all in, as it did for me. Hoping for that lovely creepy feeling crawling up your spine. And it did … for the first two episode, but then it all turned to a protracted ghost hunter show with spirit boxes, ping-pong balls covering the eyes of someone with a spirit box in a cave, tarot card interpretations in hotel rooms and caves and various other crap. I know we are dealing with a topic that it’s hard to prove scientifically, and I can go with that to a certain point. When it comes to stories from several different sources that are alike it gets me interested, but why the hell would a random women and her tarot cards do anything to legitimize the topic in other peoples eyes? So after the first two episodes I had filled in 9/10 in the review …. then it drooooooped and the last three episodes where garbage. But if you’re into all these ghost hunting shows, then you might get more out of it.

So I will not watch season two. As I said the premise made me interested, but I feel cheated and now just want to send them a bill for wasting my time.


You can listen to an interview with the documentary makers in an Mysterious Universe episode right here down below. Where they talk about the background and how it all got started, this is what made me want to check them out. As I said before, if you’re new to to the podcast Mysterious Universe, I highly recommend it if you’re into all things strange and mysterious … in our universe.


The whole show and both seasons are free and you can watch it on their YouTube channel here

Hellier is an unincorporated community and coal town in Pike County, Kentucky, US with a lot of abandoned mines and only a population of 2350.