Elizabeth, The 439 Year Old Vampire [Mysteries]

I have to be honest, vampire lore have never really done it for me. Maybe some Dracula movie when I was about 8-9 years old gave me a scare, but that’s about it. Then I came across the story of Elizabeth, an alleged 439 year old vampire on an episode of one of my favorite mystery podcasts, the Australian Mysterious Universe, which fascinated me for some reason. It felt like she didn’t really seek attention, and had quick logical answers when she got questions.

The story is about a women that one late evening called Stephen Kaplan, after seeing him on television, claiming to be a 439 old vampire. Of course the warning bells rang loud for Mr. Kaplan, and he tried with several questions and tricks during their conversation to “set her up”, but never succeeded. Instead she was extremely convincing. Read or listen to the story yourself further down on this page and make up your mind.

According to those with better knowledge on the topic, the book ”Vampires Are” by Stephen Kaplan is supposed to be one of the best books on vampires. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to get hold of, unless your willing to pay about $450 on Amazon or Ebay for it. The only thing I can find online is the chapter with Elizabeth.

Stephen Kaplan

Stephen Kaplan (September 19, 1940 – June 9, 1995) was a investigator, vampirologist, and founder/director of the Vampire Research Center and the Parapsychology Institute of America, both of which were founded in Suffolk County, New York and subsequently relocated to Elmhurst, Queens. He was also an author and radio commentator, and a prominent skeptic of the alleged Amityville Horror hauntings. Kaplan lived in Suffolk County, New York and worked for the New York City Board of Education. His overview of the Amityville Horror became the basis for the film Amityville 3-D that chronicles his attempt to prove the story was a hoax.


You can listen to the Elizabeth part of the Mysterious Universe episode right here down below. Where they talk about her. If you’re new to to the podcast Mysterious Universe, I highly recommend it if you’re into all things mysterious … in our universe.


Here you can read the first pages from the chapter about Elizabeth, and if you think it was interesting download the whole chapter as a pdf.