Darkthrone “Transilvanian Hunger” (Black Metal) [Music/Track]

Year: 1994
Genre: Black Metal
From: The album “Transilvanian Hunger”

“Sorrow and Fright the Dearest Catharsis”

“Transilvanian Hunger” is the opening track of Darkthrones 4th album with the same title. To me, my favorite track and also album by the band. It has that monotone haunting rawness that I like when it comes to old school black metal.

The lyrics are about the suicide of Per ‘Dead’ Yngve Ohlin, vocalist of the band Mayhem. The title is a reference to the T-shirt that Dead was wearing when he committed suicide, which had written “I Love Transylvania”, as you can see on the cover of the infamous bootleg album “Dawn of the Black Hearts“.

The concept of “going to Transilvania” have later become synonym for people in the black metal community that have planned to commit suicide.

Further down on this page you can also hear an acoustic cover by MirusBella, and to me it’s fascinating to hear how this raw track also works with only an acoustic guitar and have that melancholic feeling.

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“Transilvanian Hunger”

Transilvanian Hunger…cold..soul
Your hands are cruel…to haunt..to haunt

The mountains are cold…soul…soul…
careful..pale…forever at Night

Take me…can’t you feel the Call
Embrace Me Eternally in your daylight slumber

To be Draped by the Shadow of your Morbid Palace
oh, Hate Living…The only heat is warm blood

So Pure… So Cold
Transilvanian Hunger

Hail to the True, intense vampires
A story made for Divine fulfillment

To be the ones breathing a Wind of Sorrow
Sorrow and fright the dearest catharsis

Beautiful Evil Self to be the Morbid Count
A part of a Pact that is delightfully immortal

Feel the call freeze you with the uppermost desire
Transilvanian Hunger…my mountain is cold

So Pure… Evil, Cold
Transilvanian Hunger

[Lyrics by Fenriz (1992)]