Kraftwerk “Toccata Electronica” (Synth/Electronica) [Music/Bootleg/Review]


Year: 1995
Genre: Synth/Electronica
Album Versions: Discogs

Toccata Electronica is possibly the most stunning bootleg of Kraftwerk ever ‘released’. Comprising of rare and different remixes of many well known Kraftwerk songs. This bootleg first surfaced in 1995 as a CD with professional looking packaging and high quality audio. Different pressings including differing artwork and CD labels are in circulation however the front cover is usually the one shown here above.

On one CD version the band are called ‘Kundendienst’ and Kraftwerk are not mentioned on this CD at all. On another version released as a CD the band is confirmed as Kraftwerk but the album is called “Kundendienst”. Toccata Electronica is however overwhelmingly the most produced and circulated version of this compilation both as CD and as music files on line.

There remains a significant error on this release namely track eight which contains a sample taken from the Kraftwerk song Home Computer but the song is actually by a techno group called ‘Time To Time’ who comprised of Martin Recke, Stefan Grino and Udo Weiler. 

Like many other so-called Krautrock bands Kraftwerk was heavily influenced by the pioneering compositions of Karlheinz Stockhausen. Hütter has also listed The Beach Boys as a major influence, which is apparent in its 1975 chart smash, Autobahn. Fellow bandmember Joey Pursel also made a similar remark comparing Kraftwerk’s German identity to the Kinks and their strongly-English brand of pop/rock.

Kraftwerk’s lyrics deal with post-war European urban life and technology—traveling by car on the Autobahn, traveling by train, using home computers, and the like. Usually, the lyrics are very minimal but reveal both an innocent celebration of, and a knowing caution about, the modern world, as well as playing an integral role in the rhythmic structure of the songs. Many of Kraftwerk’s songs express the paradoxical nature of modern urban life—a strong sense of alienation existing side-by-side with a celebration of the joys of modern technology.

All of Kraftwerk’s albums from Radio-Activity onwards have been released in separate versions: one with German vocals for sale in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and one with English vocals for the rest of the world, with occasional variations in other languages when conceptually appropriate. 

Information from the Beehive Candy blog.


01. Computer World (Robotron-Mix) [0:05:41.97]
02. Tour de France (Orig. 1983 Kevorkian Ext. 12″ Remix) [0:06:46.22]
03. Techno Pop (1983 Version) [0:04:34.93]
04. Metropolis (Machine-Version) – Live Utrecht 10.12.81 [0:05:37.64]
05. The Model (Catbonic-Mix) [0:05:19.53]
06. Neon Lights (Ton-Up-Mix) [0:05:25.33]
07. Pocket Calculator (East-West-Mix) [0:05:22.13]
08. Zehn kleine Negerlein [0:04:49.80] * NOT Kraftwerk
09. Radioactivity (Kevorkian 12″-Remix) [0:07:27.36]
10. (Demo) Die Roboter (Special German Kling-Klang-Remix) [0:03:42.97]
11. Les Mannequins (Orig. 1978 Ext. French Remix) [0:06:03.69]
12. Dentaku (Orig. 1981 Ext.-Remix) [0:04:56.64]
13. Tour de France (Orig. 1983 German Kling-Klang-Version) [0:06:51.66]
14. Stratovarius (Live Bremen 21.6.71) [0:05:38.33]