88 Films (Movie Label/Store) [Store Reviews]


9/10 Quality of Releases
9/10 Shipping Prices
0/10 Customer Service

Type of Store: Online Movie Distributor/Store
Website: https://88-films.myshopify.com/
Country: UK


UK movie distributor of mainly 1980’s cult movies. In the beginning it was mainly horror, but they expanded out to having more Martial Art and Action movies, and have given several of Jackie Chan movies the deluxe treatment. I love this label when it comes to their editions, great transfers, nice packaging and good prices.

Personally I’m mainly interested in their Italian Collection and Slasher collection, but also other titles from various categories. Their deluxe Jackie Chan editions are great, although I don’t buy them all. Love some of his action titles, but when it’s with too much “slipping on a banana peel” comedy I’m out.

Another thing I like about them is their shipping rates, they are always affordable and not over the top (Yes, I’m looking at you DVD Diabolik), and I love stores that offers free shipping when I order over a certain amount. I more or less always use that option, and I prefer to put some extra movies in the shopping cart instead of coughing up the cash for shipping.


The only complaint I have is with their customer service. It has to be one of the worst in internet history. 3 times I have contacted them over the years, and never have I even got a reply from them. I have to start a Paypal dispute to get their attention. But in the end, I have always recieved my orders, even though it have taken its time. For example, the last one was shipped to the US instead of Sweden from UK. Now, I don’t know if that was 88films fault or the British Royal Mail, but I e-mailed them, sent several message through paypal, but no, nothing. Not even one reply.


88 Films is an all rights multi-platform distributor of feature films. We specialise in releasing some of the best content from around the world to UK customers. We are the market leader in releasing forgotten cult horror films from around the world and we produce bonus features and special packaging to enhance the experience of our products.