To Do List, The (Sex Comedy) 2013 [Movie/Review]


Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy
Director: Maggie Carey
Original/Alternative Titles: –
Source: Streaming


Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) has just graduated from high school where she excelled in every subject, except real-life sexual education. When her older sister tells her how important it is to be experienced, Brandy writes out a sex to do list for herself for the summer. Her friend Cameron might be the perfect guinea pig while she sets her sights on the popular and sexy Rusty Waters as the ultimate end goal. But once feelings get in the way, it becomes much harder for Brandy to check off the remaining items on her sex to do list.


Finally a sex comedy from the female perspective instead of the same old horny teen dudes trying to score. Really refreshing! For some reason there’s still this f**ked up mentality that girls are either the virgin or the whore. Hopefully more movies like this, the decline of religious influence in society and education can change that.

This one is a no holds barred, it doesn’t shy away from anything. So apart from showing nudity there’s nothing missing. Several funny moments, but I was hoping for even more.

Bill Hader is awesome as always and the funnies one in the movie. Main girl, Aubrey Plaza is okey. In some scenes she’s brilliant, in others, a bit forced.


The setting for the movie was based on writer and director Maggie Carey‘s high school in Boise, Idaho. Carey graduated from Borah High in 1993, and sculpted many locations in the film to the surrounding area, including Big Bun and Borah Pool.

On an episode of Off Camera with Sam Jones (2014), Aubrey Plaza revealed that she was seated close to her parents during the premiere and that her on-screen masturbation scene caused her much anxiety due to this proximity situation. She later stated that her dad enjoyed the movie a lot. “My mom was shocked,” she told Vanity Fair. “But I think she’ll be O.K. My dad was actually really psyched about it. He’s not like my dad in the movie – he’s actually really excited and not weirded out [by the sex scenes] at all. Which I think is weird.”


So what do the crazies at the christian movie guide say and what do they want to save us from?

The To Do List is a grotesque movie that should be avoided. The entire premise is based on the fact the main character wants to gain sexual experience, and the process to get there is too vulgar to relate. There’s nothing redemptive about The To Do List. The main character has no bad repercussions from her actions.

Very strong pagan worldview, plus brief mention of homosexual activities; more than 55 obscenities (including many “f” words) and 12 profanities, with vomiting and eating feces; some vandalism; multiple depictions of fornication along with lots of dialogue about fornication, oral sex, spitting out discharge, male and female foreplay, mother speaks to daughter about sexual relations and encourages her, other lewd acts, one mention of homosexual activities, and extremely crude commentary; upper male nudity, girl in underwear, and girls in scantily clad clothing; underage drunkenness; marijuana; and, hedonism and young people succumb to peer pressure.


I watched this streaming so nothing special to talk about here.


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