Lucky People Center … Spiritual Hooligan Techno (1990’s Techno) [Music/Discography/Review]

I have no idea why I call this style of 1990’s techno “British Hooligan Techno”. But all I see infront of me is white British Adidas wearing working class guys on ecstasy dancing in big green fields. But the album I mainly associate this group with, Interspecies Communication is more of a spiritual journey that much like their 1998 movie takes you on a journey around the globe to people who doesn’t live like we in the west do.

The History

Lucky People Center, often just called LPC, started as an illegal night club ( so-called “Svart Klubb” in Swedish) in Gothenburg, Sweden in the mid-1980s and was a loosely composed art, film and music constellation that mainly made itself known in the 1990s for its electronic music as mixes genres such as ambient house, trance and techno. Their experimental films and their energetic concerts where the place that the group’s different expressions met.

In the early 1990s, many of the group’s members, several of whom also had connections to the record company Radium 226.05, moved to Stockholm. In 1991 they released their first single. Between 1994 and 1997, Lucky People Center toured and played at several major festivals and the like around Europe. During the 1990s, they also produced the two films Information is free (1994) and Lucky People Center International (1998).

Those who are part of Lucky People Center are often unspoken and many people have come and gone depending on the project. LPC was founded by Lars Åkerlund, Johan Söderberg and Sebastian Öberg. Lars Åkerlund is still active and are releasing music with mainly abstract electronica and drone. Johan Söderberg is still a musician, audiovisual designer and artist. He is the founder of the education Audiovisual Production at Dalarna University in Falun, Sweden. Sebastian Öberg has also played in several Swedish bands such as Han har spelat i grupper som Fläskkvartetten, Tant Strul, Fläsket brinner, Stadion Der Jugend och Älgarnas trädgård and has also made music for movies.

The album Interspecies Communication mentions David Österberg, Jean-Louis Huhta, Johan Söderberg and Skander Chand, while the film Lucky People Center International mentions Söderberg, Erik Pauser and Jan Röed.


(1993) Welcome To Lucky People Center

The debut album featuring several styles such as Breakbeat, Cut-up, Experimental and Ambient. Haven’t listened to this album enough yet and to be fair, it’s really not my style. So I haven’t reviewed it.

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(1995) Interspecies Communication [Album]


Although this album also contains a lot of various music styles, it’s to me mainly a techno album. Two of my all-time favorite 1990’s techno tracks are on here, “Sundance” and “Liquid Fire”. I call this “British Hooligan Techno”, in the vein of Underworld or Orbital.

Favourite track: Sundance
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(1998) Lucky People Center International [Video]


The film is a journey through some twenty countries where existential issues are addressed and the participants have all taken a stand against modern society and trying to make human life better.

Unfortunately I can only find a Swedish version and a Spanish version on YouTube right now.

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(1999) Interference

More of chilled out Experimental techno and so-called Leftfield. Haven’t listen enough to this one either for a review.

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