Zone Zero (Sweden) (Heavy Metal) [Music/Discography/Review]

The History

A Swedish heavy metal band formed 1980 in a small village in the middle of Sweden called Djurås, Gagnef, by Lissa (Anders Lissdaniels), Torben Stenberg, Håkan Göras, Lars Törnblom and Leo (Lasse Lee).

They recorded their first two-track demote in 1981, followed by a five-track demo the same year. In 1982 they released a 7″ single that is pretty rare now and you can expect to pay about €150 for it. It often goes under the name Heavy Metal, since it’s printed on the front cover.

In 2014 Shadow Kingdom released a 2-CD compilation titled The Lost Legacy, that mainly contains live recordings and rehearsals. As a vinyl collector, I’m hoping for a release of it on the black gold.

In 2004 they reunited, but there my interest as always stops with these 1979/80’s metal and punk bands, since I have 0% interest in old dudes with big bellies and socially acceptable clothes and haircuts wanting to relive their youths, only now without the rebellious edge and instead some cosy homely atmosphere.

(1982) Win or Die / Evil Dream [7″]


This sound very much like early Swedish Metal, maybe a bit more epic than what was common. Some resemblance of early Heavy Load. It’s slightly above average in my opinion, and I don’t know if it’s the recording or the vocalists pronunciation, but I have a hard time hearing what he sings about. To be honest I prefer the demo track “Demon from Kingdom of Death” better than these two.

It was released on the now collectors cult label, Pang Records in 1982. It’s pretty rare today and goes for about €150. It often goes under the name Heavy Metal, since it’s printed on the front cover.

Favourite track: Evil Dream

  1. Win or Die
  2. Evil Dream

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