QAnon Have Now Killed Everyone …. in Crazy Ding-Dong World [Conspiracy/Politics/Comedy]

I have written several posts about the crazy tin foil hat wearing ding dong club QAnon the last week. They’re an endless fountain for laughter, and have of course given me material to laugh hard at, actually so hard I got myself stomach pain.

I just get this feeling that whoever writes this crap is sitting down in his parents basement, in a wife beater and stained tighty-whities. Of course unemployed and bitter on life!

Now I think these idiots have topped themselves with this thing. According to their ”news site” (😂😂😂) Before it’s News, they have now arrested and either executed or imprisoned them. What we see walking around, are clones.

So let us take a look, Obama they have of course killed, even though he ratted Michelle out, Joe Biden is dead, and up and running is a clone, but we all ready knew that (Read more about it here!), the prime minister of Sweden is also apparently dead. But it seems that Christina Augilera did something good (it’s certainly not good music) so she only got “Life in Prison” 😂

I thought Obama and Michelle were closer than this?
I mean it’s not Bill and Hillary we’re tailing about! 😂

When you’re done reading the list down below, then check the “The World of Clones”
video on the world of clowns own website by clicking the picture down below.

The List

Since I took the screen print on their website just a few hours ago they have now taken down the list itself, but I screenprinted it, for your pleasure. You can read what’s left of the article for yourself on their website HERE!