The QAnon Freaks Won’t Let Go … And You Can’t Make Shit Like This Up [Conspiracy/Politics]

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when hearing these numbskulls talk … but today I’m in a good mood, so I laugh. The fight is not over for the crazies, one of their main “news” sites Before It’s News, a site that’s listed on wikipedia as a fake news site. A website that was cited by former U.S. President Donald Trump at his 2016 campaign rallies. Before It’s News and InfoWars were described as “unabashedly unhinged ‘news’ sites” in 2014 by The Washington Post following its promotion of conspiracy theories relating to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. The QAnon movement have been called by U.S. prosecutors as “a group commonly referred to as a cult”.

You can’t make this shit up! This people seriously believe in that a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring! And ofcourse the orange menace, Trump is their savior in shining armor.

In the middle, and I mean middle of all these ramble they don’t hesitate trying to sell their merchandise such as Hydrogen Water & Ionized Water w/Silver Particles, Research for You Immune System – 2021 the Year of Alternative Medicine. So the same people that hits the big drum about not wearing masks and that Covid-19 is fake, have no problem trying to impose their products on the insecurity of their followers.

So let’s take a look at one of their recent headlines/video. We have one from 2 days ago, on the 21st of January, you just have to listen to that video. Click link down below!

“The Military Is In Control”
Inauguration Was Pre-Recorded
Trump To Be Sworn In March 4

Click picture to listen to the show on their website.

This is funny as sh*t, according to these people the US is now under military power and Trump will be reinstalled on march the 4th.

I love how the host says he’s good at reading body language and that no-one in the Democratic Party was happy on inauguration day. I’m no expert, but reading his body language I come to think of a braindead chimp with nothing going on upstairs. Probably too many punches to the head since when he was a boxer!

The only female of the herd, Yiama Islam, says that everyone in the democratic party and its followers are clowns. How about listening to what comes out of your own mouth?

The Cuckoo bird Charlie Ward talks about how important the constitution is for Donald Trump, a man who violates it more than any other past or living person. From smaller things like every time a foreign official stays at a Trump hotel, or a foreign government approves a new Trump Organization project, or grants a trademark, Trump is in violation of the Constitution.

Trump is not honoring, but mocking the Constitution he swore to uphold.

Charlie Ward

Ward is very much a representative of the newer, more eclectic strand of QAnon. Whereas Geddes has been promoting Q since late 2017, Ward first began promoting QAnon content via his YouTube channel in March 2020, when interest in the movement first began to spike around the world. By mid-September his channel had reached 170,000 subscribers before YouTube removed it; his replacement channel already has 43,000 subscribers as of mid-October and is likely to rise further unless it is removed. 

His channel is prominently branded with instantly recognisable QAnon slogans and symbols and, like many QAnon promoters, is very public about his Christian faith, with many of his early videos titled simply Jesus loves you. Yet he interviews and promotes a wide range of guests from preexisting and tangential conspiracy theories that have little to do with either orthodox QAnon lore or Christianity. His recent guests have included anti-5G campaigners, New Age spiritualists and even Black Hebrew Israelites, who explained their belief that black people are the only true descendants of the Biblical Israelites as Ward nodded along in seeming agreement. 

Living in Marbella, Spain, Ward has been described as a businessman, entrepreneur and oil tycoon and appears to live a jet setting lifestyle, listing his location as Dubai, Singapore, Marbella” on his Instagram profile. His videos contain advertisements for companies selling products from vodka to precious metals, often with a unique discount code that can be used when purchasing. Similarly, the captions to his videos direct his viewers to a dizzying list of websites that Ward appears to control, and his website invites readers to join his ‘Insiders Club’ for a €100 annual fee or purchase equipment that supposedly protects from the harmful effects of 5G radiation.

Ward has also done perhaps more than anyone else to popularise the claims of New Zealand man Joseph Gregory Hallett, who styles himself King John III and claims to be the true heir to the British throne. Until his removal from Twitter and Facebook in late summer, Hallett had amassed tens of thousands of followers, largely drawn from QAnon supporters, for his grandiose fantasies, which also included a claim to be the messiah. Ward has produced 19 videos in promotion of Hallett’s claims, while his friends David Mahoney and Jack Kidd appear to have had a major role in producing Hallet’s documentary, The Hidden King.

Ward is particularly focused on the NESARA/GESARA conspiracy theory, which holds that President Trump will soon unveil laws that create a “financial reset” that will, among many wild claims, lead to universal cancellation of debts, the removal of all taxes bar a flat sales tax and a universal basic income that will cover all household expenses. Like so many aspects of eclectic QAnon lore, this theory has never been mentioned by Q, and has its roots in a longstanding financial scam. Despite the utopian, debt-free economy that is supposedly to arrive “in the next six months or so”Ward and his guests frequently stress the importance of various investment opportunities that viewers should take advantage of, usually recommending the buying of gold, silver or various cryptocurrencies. 

This is not the only area in which Ward’s QAnon narratives might also be providing business opportunities for others. In a video from July titled “F%&K THE MASK”, Ward discussed his strident opposition to the use of facemasks with his close friend Lee Dawson, who also lives in Marbella. The pair suggested that viewers should instead seek to build up their immune systems through exercise and a healthy diet. The video soon became a sales pitch for a nutrition supplement sold by a company that Dawson works with, which he claimed allowed you to“absorb 90% of what you eat instead of the normal 30%”. Ward gave a link to Dawson’s website in the caption to the video, and again provided a discount code for his viewers to use when ordering.

While there is no evidence that Ward has received any financial benefit from the promotions that his channel is hosting, the melding of his eclectic QAnon narratives with promotion of investment opportunities or health advice illustrates the ways in which conspiracy theories can sometimes also present a risk of profiteering or financial exploitation.

Charlie Ward bio by the excellent site, Hope Not Hate

Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes is a conspiracy theorist whose YouTube videos about the discredited and controversial QAnon movement and (former) President Donald Trump have been viewed by millions of people.

Disappointed Trump supporters have pinned their hopes on the conspiracy theories of Parkes, imparted through YouTube, according to Chronicles Magazine. He claims he is in direct contact with “Q,” which the magazine calls a “shadowy figure supposedly leading a pro-Trump conspiracy to unseat corrupt and evil forces in Washington, D.C.” He argues there will be a “great counter-revolution and legal disclosure” leading to a second Trump term. 

In one of his videos, Parkes claimed there is a “person who’s responsible for maintaining the network.” He said that’s a “person I spoke to who has some incredibly accurate and interesting intel” and “is embedded with the Trump team.” It’s not the first time Parkes has spun wild conspiracy theories in the public square. He once claimed his mother was a green alien.

Although its theories are completely discredited, QAnon can be dangerous. It has fueled “real-world militant extremism,” according to The Washington Post.

Multiple people who are adherents to the discredited and unfounded QAnon conspiracy theory were identified as being present during the riots in the U.S. Capitol, including Ashli Babbitt, the military veteran who was shot and killed by a police officer as she breached a window into the Speaker’s lobby. The riots have results in deaths, charges (including against some QAnon followers), and the impeachment of Trump for a second time. According to CNN, QAnon followers played a “central role” in the Capitol riots.

According to the Post, QAnon believers think Trump is a “messaniac warrior” sent to fight Satanic and pedophile networks in government. Parkes argues in his videos that Trump is about to invoke The Insurrection Act of 1807. The theorists were also to blame for propagating the false Pizzagate conspiracy theory about a Washington D.C. restaurant.

Charlie Ward bio by the excellent site, Heavy.
You can read the full story at their website.

David Nino Rodriguez

David Rodriguez is an American heavyweight boxer who was born in El Paso Texas. He was previously ranked number 13 in the world by the WBC and number 12 by the WBA while 11 in the world by the IBA. He defeated former number 1 contender Owen Beck in El Paso to win the WBC FECOMBOX Mexican Heavyweight Championship.

He has now joined the cuckoo birds in the QAnon movement, and speaks wherever he finds someone to listen, alleging that a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against former U.S. president Donald Trump, who has been fighting the cabal.

Yiama Islam

When writing this I can’t find any information about her. Will update if I find something.

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