Lightbringer of Sweden, The “Rise of the Beast” (Heavy Metal) 2020 [Music/Review]


Year: 2020
Genre: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
Label: Self Released
Versions: Discogs

Self released full-length debut from this Swedish band, and it opens up nothing short of amazing with “Fallen Angels” directly after the really cool intro, and I’m pumped, thinking that this will be an awesome ride. But the next track is a slow thing, “The Beast inside of Me” which is really good, but I can’t stop thinking that it’s an anti-climax to put something slow/mid-tempo directly after that explosive start. Well, we will probably then get back on track with the next one, “One by One”. Nope, we go even slower!!! Holy f**k, am I disappointed now. I wanted more of the starter, the track that made me throw myself out on the internet to check if this had a vinyl release. But the record screams back at me … forget that, now we will go into Power Metal ala Helloween mode (a genre that’s not for me at all) and stay there for the rest of the record. Of these, I think “Skeletor” and “Lightbringer” are the best ones. So to sum it up, I only got one track that was 100% for me in “Fallen Angels”. Then “The Beast inside of Me”, “Skeletor” and “Lightbringer” are good.

The singer Herbie Langhans, is probably a name some of you might now, he has been involved in about one million different bands like Beyond the Bridge, Firewind, Radiant, Whispers in Crimson, Avantasia (live), Seventh Avenue, The Preachers, Neoshine, Sinbreed, Symphonity and Voodoo Circle.

A couple of complains … #1, is that after listening and reading the lyrics a couple of times, I get a religious vibe that I’m not comfortable with at all. Or how about this lines:

Please help me god for those I have sin
I can’t fight this any more

Now, I can be way off here. They could just be written for a “character” he had in mind and not be his own opinion, so to speak.

#2 … when it comes to heavy metal I can sometimes be conservative with certain things. It can seem ridiculous, but to me Heavy Metal have always been outsider music, people who gives the finger to the “normal”. So my eyes bleed when I look at the band photo and 4 out of 5 members have haircuts that look like they work at the nearest bank office. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

1 The Moon
2 Fallen Angels
3 The Beast Inside Of Me
4 One By One
5 Into The Night
6 Skeletor
7 Lightbringer
8 Save Us
9 Heaven Has Fallen
10 Shadows Of The Night

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