Century “MMXX” (Heavy Metal) 2020 [Music/Review]


Year: 2020
Genre: Heavy Metal (N.W.O.T.H.M)
Label: The End Times Recordings
Versions: Discogs

Every once in a while a new band shows up that makes me believe there’s still life in traditional heavy metal, a band that deliveres music that makes me get that euphoric feeling along my backspin, playing air drums (yes, for me it’s drums, not guitar) and thinking there’s still hope and I don’t just have to listen to my 1980’s metal records when it comes to traditional metal. Usually for me, most releases nowadays have too much of a sterile/clinical sound for my taste, like it’s been made in a labratory by men in white coats. So even if the songs are good, the feeling is not there. I want some dirt, and I want some rawness. The last couple of years “movement” N.W.O.T.H.M (New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal) with the band Eternal Champion being the flagship have given me some hope.

This is the best 14 minutes of new metal in forever for me. Part Mercyful Fate, part the “epicness” of Manilla Road and simply just awesome traditional metal. There’s not a single thing I would like to have differently than what is delivered here. From the first second to the last is nothing short of amazing. Just the beginning of “Shadow Of The Hunter” gives me goosebumps. So far I have only heard this through the excellent YouTube channel NWOTHM Full Albums, but I got to get the demotape.


  1. Neon Warrior 2:54
  2. Streets In The Dark 3:35
  3. Reflections In Fire 3:03
  4. Shadow Of The Hunter 4:16
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