Short Reviews: Mysteries [Podcasts]

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2021-01-16 Monsteropolis & The Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know
2021-01-11 Mr. Bunker’s Conspiracy Time Podcast & Casual Conspiracy Podcast added.

Apes Among Us


In my opinion NAWAC (maybe together with the Olympic project) is the only really serious bigfoot/sasquatch research organisation that I know of and find interesting to follow, mainly because of their professionalism and that they use the scientific method. This is their official podcast. More or less all episodes are extremely facinating, but unfortunatly they don’t come out that often. Maybe one episode every three months. It’s a shame, because this is one I would pay for if they came out weekly. (Review early 2020)

Astonishing Legends


Very professional podcasts that digs deep into all kinds of mysteries. Great hosts, and great digging deep into topics. Sometimes a topic can go over several episodes and be around 6 hours. On the minus side is that they can be a little repetitive, and I get why, but it’s kind of annoying with the host reading ”commercials”. Maybe that’s an American thing, but for a European it kind of take away the credibility from the other content. (Review early 2020)

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Bigfoot Show, The


Now defunct podcast about the Bigfoot topic, blending it with a big portion of humor, but not in a way that they make fun of the topic itself, but with all the crazies running amok in this field. All three hosts are ”believers” in Sasquatch. The mainhost Brian have since moved on to let’s say a more serious podcast within this topic, Apes among us, that’s a part of the NAWAC organisation. (Review early 2020)

Casual Conspiracy Podcast


This could be something, at this point they are up to 21 episodes and they sound good. What’s stopping me for rating this higher then? I would say 3 things, For starters, there are a lot of “live googling” on topics. And sometimes when they bring up a topic it seems one or several of them haven’t read a single word about beforehand, like in the “Epstein” episode or when one of the hosts never heard of MK Ultra or The Jonestown mass suicides … on a conspiracy podcast?!?! Third is that one of the hosts (don’t know the name) always, and I mean always use the word “it’s like …” or “… whatever” in every single sentence. Annoying as shit!

But as I said, it might be better in the future, it’s promising! I will probably keep checking back.

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Gralien Report


Very professional podcast about the mysterious of the universe with a focus on UFO. One of the few podcast with only one host (Micah Hanks), and although he is good I often notice that I zone out and stop listening … not a good sign! I think it would be better with a co-host. Micah Hanks has several different podcasts, but I haven’t looked into them. (Review early 2020)

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Hysteria 51


A podcast that takes a comedic touch on various conspiracy/mystery topics, Not comedic as in making fun of them, listen for yourself. Both hosts are great, and also their sidekick conspiracybot is amazing :-). Well researched and very entertaining. The only negative is when they have to many guests it gets a bit too ”chicken farmish”. (Review early 2020)

Just check out episode 155 where Conspiracybot tricks the hosts 😂

You can listen directly here to episode #214,
The Richat Structure: The Eye of Africa or The Heart of Atlantis?
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Mile Higher Podcast


I have a rule, to listen to at least three episodes before I review it … but WTF is this garbage? Two persons who like to talk? The guy is okey in the way he talk, but her … again, WTF! I listened to the ”Antarctica” episode, and several times she asked about if models had been there for photoshots (?!?!?!) and that she wouldn’t look good there …. WHO THE FUCK CARES! And not to be mean, but she’s pretty fu**in far from being a model. If we look into the content then I have nothing better to say, zero research, and it’s all just reading out loud what the first five hits on google told them, that’s not research. Again I usually listen to at least three episodes, but you know life’s just too short. (Review 2020-08-20)



A podcast hosted by Seth Breedlove and Mark Matzke of the film production series Small Town Monsters focusing on the strange and unusual. Seth had another podcast earlier called SasWhat? that focused only on Bigfoot. I don’t know about this one, it feels like Seth is doing this just for marketing his documentaries. He quite often sounds bored and read various things fast and uninspired. Now I have only listened to 3 shows, but there was no “digging deep into” there, just more or less told you what wikipedia could have done. This will probably be it for me with Monsteropolis, there’s too much out there to listen to. (Review 2021-01-16).

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Monster X Radio


Cryptozoology podcast. If Astonishing Legends podcast is extremely professional, this is the exact opposite. Rambling hosts, an audio quality that makes walkie-talkies from the 1970’s sounds amazing.But since I found their topics interesting, I have suffered through about 20 episodes. Their slogan is ”Bigfoot without the B.S” which is great, and if it wasn’t for that part I would rate it even lower. Jeez, buy some new microphones and please takes some lessons in basic broadcast talking skills. (Review early 2020)

Mr. Bunker’s Conspiracy Time Podcast


WTF is this? Are they supposed to be funny? For talking with “weird voices”? Does anyone over 5 years think that’s a good move? They might have done great research about the topics but I’ll never know since they are impossible to listen to. I usually have a 3 episodes minimum before reviewing, but I started two episodes and couldn’t finish them for said reasons, and also I rather drill a hole in my brain for 2 hours than suffer through their “comedy”. (Review 2021-01-11)

Mysterious Universe


High class podcast from Australia about just what the name is, the mysterious universe. For my taste maybe a little too much ”out there” topics such as remote viewing and “cloaking” bigfoots, but really great hosts that have done great investigating jobs with the topics they talk about. For free you get most of the show, but have to be a plus member to get the whole thing. I have tried that option and although it’s good, you don’t get the complete back-catalogue but have to pay another extra fee for it which seems a little bit too much. But hey, we all got to eat, right? (Review early 2020)

Open Minds UFO Radio


Great pod for those seriously interested in the UFO phenomena for what it is, Unidentified Flying Objects, and they do not directly go to the little grey man explanation. Alejandro Rojas is a really good host. (Review early 2020)



Swedish podcast, that translates to “The Ghost Hour”. Very popular here for some reason. It’s extremely basic, more or less anything they say about a topic you can get from Google in 2 minutes, so no depth in their research whatsoever. Good hosts though. (Review early 2020)

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know


There own explanation on what the show is tells everything you need to know: From UFOs to psychic powers and government conspiracies, history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn
the Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know.

Professional podcast with awesome hosts that have real knowledge about what they’re talking about. It feels like they can’t have time to do anything else except for researching the topics to next weeks episode on their spare time. You always learn something new. Miles ahead of most of the podcasts out there that are 100% wikipedia based (Review 2021-01-16).

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