This Was a Coup Attempt, a Military Coup, by Trump [Politics]

This was a coup attempt, a military coup, by Trump, using his army of MAGA-hatted maniacs to overthrow the election results and seize dictatorial powers. Trump wanted this to happen. He incited it. There is a reason why the security was so light. This wasn’t a lack of anticipation of the storming of the Capitol Building. This was done on purpose because they knew it would happen, it was intentional. Hell, Ivanka Trump tweeted calling the terrorists “patriots,” but then later deleted it.

Pelosi and the mayor of DC both requested the National Guard be sent in as Trump’s band of domestic terrorists physically broke their way into the Capitol Building, with reports of them firing shots inside the chamber. Those requests were denied–DENIED–by the Department of Defense, which is run by a Trump toady.

HOWEVER, just a short time ago someone seems to have talked a modicum of sense into Trump where he has now allowed the DC National Guard to be deployed (UPDATE: It turns out it was Pence who sent in the National Guard). Moreover, the governor of Virginia is sending their National Guard and their State Troopers to help restore order. Apparently Maryland is sending help too.

This isn’t over yet, and it is a major stain on an already seriously damaged American democracy. But I do believe that the coup will not be successful, and that eventually some semblance of order will be restored. There is probably more violence to come, but eventually most of these traitors will get tired and go home and the photos and videos will hopefully see a lot of them arrested at a later date.

If there was ever any doubt that Trump should be arrested for his myriad crimes come Jan 21, that is all but gone now. He should spend the rest of his life behind bars for what he has done.

MAGA has become a terrorist organization.

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